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Geisinger Health System (GHS)

Mygeisinger maybe a regional health care provider to central, south-central, and northeastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey.

Headquartered in Danville, Pennsylvania, Geisinger services over 3 million patients in 45 counties. it’s been widely known for delivering high-quality care at low cost through an integrated delivery system model of healthcare


History of mygeisinger

Geisinger is known after Abigail Geisinger, widow of iron magnate George Geisinger.

Its medical care facility is that the Geisinger center (GMC) located in Danville, with three other hospitals; Geisinger Wyoming Valley (GVW) and Geisinger South Wilkes-Barre – both located in

Wilkes-Barre, and Geisinger-Community center (GCMC) located in Scranton. Geisinger has clinics throughout northeastern and western Pennsylvania, located in Wilkes-Barre, Pittston, Mountaintop, Nanticoke, Wyoming, Scranton, Dallas, Plains, Kingston, and other surrounding cities and towns.

Geisinger Health Plan, a subsidiary Health Management Organization (HMO), was started in 1985.

On December 4, 2012, it had been announced that Geisinger Health System and Lewistown Hospital had signed a non-binding letter of intent for a merger.

Geisinger’s Frank Trembulak said the non-binding letter refers to the specifics of how the merger will work which there’s a “binding agreement to merge”.

Independent physicians have opposed a merger with Geisinger, stating that with the presence of a Geisinger clinic in Lewistown and with Geisinger offering insurance,

a monopoly might result from the merger, ultimately hurting rather than helping local healthcare. the complete merger and integration of Geisinger-Lewistown

Hospital into Geisinger Health System received final approval from the Pennsylvania Attorney General and therefore the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the new Geisinger-Lewistown Hospital became effective on All Saints’ Day, 2013.

From 2001 through mid-2015, Glenn Steele served as Geisinger’s president and chief military officer. Steele left Geisinger in 2015, with David Feinberg joining as president and CEO.

In December 2018, Jaewon Ryu was named interim president and CEO. before the announcement, he previously served because the health system’s executive vice chairman and chief medic since 2016.

In order to “fix the first care shortage facing the organisation”, Geisinger announced in 2019 its Commonwealth School of drugs will select 40 students and canopy their full tuition plus a $2,000 monthly stipend. the scholars got to plan to work on Geisinger for four years after residency in medical care roles.

why you should use Mygeisinger

MyGeisinger gives you convenient access to your Geisinger medical history, allowing you to schedule appointments, message your care team, view your lab and test results, and more.

If you haven’t already created my Geisinger account, here are six reasons you ought to consider it today.

Access my Geisinger on-the-go with my Chart app
Manage and schedule appointments
View most lab and test results
View medications and request prescription renewals
Message your doctor and care team
24/7 access to your or your loved one’s medical history

Geisinger is constant supplying the COVID-19 vaccine for healthcare personnel who qualify as a part of the state’s Phase 1A groups by expanding administration with new community-based vaccine centers throughout central and northeastern Pennsylvania.

Appointments are required to receive the vaccine and may be made online using Geisinger. A questionnaire must be completed before scheduling to make sure eligibility and for health screening purposes.

Healthcare personnel must bring back their appointments their healthcare-related identification (certificate, license, etc.) to verify eligibility as a part of the state’s Phase 1A groups and a legitimate driver’s license.

Healthcare personnel who are cared for by Geisinger or have Geisinger Health Plan insurance, but don’t have a Geisinger account, can create one online. those that haven’t been cared for by Geisinger and don’t have

Geisinger Health Plan insurance or anyone under the age of 18 can call 570-284-3657 for help fixing an account.
In alignment with federal and state guidelines and as supplies, staffing and logistics allow, COVID vaccines are going to be available to all or any healthcare personnel who qualify as a part of the state’s Phase 1A, including:

• Chiropractors

• Clinical personnel in class or university settings

• Contracted healthcare personnel indirectly employed by a health care facility

• Dentists and dental hygienists

• mission professionals


• Medical students and trainees

• Non-Geisinger providers and their staffs

• Nurses, nursing assistants

• Persons indirectly involved in patient care but potentially exposed to infectious material which will transmit disease

• Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians

• Phlebotomists

• Physicians

• Technicians

• Therapists

Geisinger is administering the Pfizer BioNTech and Moderna COVID vaccines. When scheduling appointments, it’s important to recollect that two doses of the vaccine are required so healthcare personnel is encouraged to think about both doses when scheduling.

Geisinger Commonwealth School of drugs

Geisinger Commonwealth School of drugs (GCSOM) may be a private school of medicine related to the Geisinger Health System and located in northeastern and north central Pennsylvania.

GCSOM offers a community-based model of medical education with four regional campuses – North (Scranton), South (Wilkes-Barre), Central (Danville), and Guthrie (Sayre). It offers a Doctor of drugs (MD) Program and a Master of Biomedical Sciences (MBS) Program.

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The foundation of GCSOM, formerly referred to as The Commonwealth Medical College (TCMC), began with the establishment of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Medical Education Development Consortium (MEDC) in 2004.

The consortium included business, medical, community, and government representatives. After acquiring funding from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania, and other state,

federal and personal philanthropic sources, the Commonwealth Medical Education Corporation was formed. within the spring of 2007, Robert M. D’Alessandri began his tenure as president and founding dean.

Commonwealth was awarded degree-granting authority by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 2008 and received preliminary accreditation by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) in 2008.

D’Alessandri resigned from his position as dean and president in April 2011.In June 2011, the LCME placed GCSOM on probation thanks to financial stability concerns.

Provisional accreditation was granted in 2012, with full accreditation granted in June 2014. In June 2014, GCSOM was also granted full accreditation by the center States Commission on education (MSCHE).

GCSOM accepted its first-class of medical and master’s students in 2009. GCSOM graduated its first MD and fourth MBS classes in May 2013.

On September 28, 2016, Geisinger Health System announced it had acquired the Commonwealth Medical College. The acquisition integrated aspects of the health system, like residency training programs, into TCMC, and also introduced new Master’s programs. Additionally, TCMC was renamed Geisinger Commonwealth School of drugs .

Admissions and academics

The MD Class of 2024 had a mean MCAT score of 511 and GPA of three .66 at admission. 12% of the category is from groups historically underrepresented in medicine, and 71% of the 108 students that

comprise the category are from Pennsylvania. 29% of the category is specifically from Northeastern Pennsylvania and North Central Pennsylvania.

The school was among the primary us school of medicine s to adopt the Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship (LIC) model because the standard clinical experience for the whole medical school class within the third year. 

this enables students to follow a panel of patients over the course of a year. Students sleep in the community and train with clinical preceptors within the different core disciplines of family practice 

general medicine , pediatrics, psychiatry, OB/GYN and general surgery. The key difference is that the year-long curriculum as against traditional “block” clinical rotations.

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