Future Technologies will be Realized in the Real World soon

Future Technologies will be Realized in the Real World soon

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 Flying car

This car is like a vehicle in sci-fi films. Soon you will see the future technological developments of cars floating in the sky! This car can run on ordinary roads and air. Users also need pilot certification to ensure the operational safety of this flying car.

Space Tourism

The development of future technology in the world of space is also very rapid. Soon, you will be able to enjoy traveling and seeing the Moon and Earth from above the vacuum in outer space. The United States Space Agency (NASA) and SpaceX are working on this, and people can register for space travel in 2019.

Laser weapons

Future technological developments in the military sector believe laser weapons will become the next generation of weapons. The prototype laser weapons that have been tested are capable of destroying small ships, shooting down missiles and unmanned aircraft.

However, this weapon has not been able to change the face of war in the world because it has not been produced in large numbers. A laser is a beam of light that can travel at speeds of light reaching 300,000,000 meters per second!

Army Robot

Army robots are also predicted to be the object of the most advanced technological developments in the military world. The accuracy and calculation of computers and the reduction in human lives are strong reasons for countries like China and the United States to develop this technology.


You can only find teleportation so far on paper and scientific research journals in the form of mathematical equations. However, if the mathematical concept exists, teleportation could become a technological development of the future. Teleportation is suspected by the concept of wormhole which was discovered due to Einstein’s theory of relativity and gravity as a concept of space and time. Check out the video above for an easy and exciting explanation about the concept of wormhole teleportation.

Interestingly, Russian scientists working for Vladimir Putin claim to be developing this teleportation technology and will actually bring it to the real world. Teleportation like in the Star Trek movie is said to be completed in the next 2035.

Design Baby with Genetic Engineering

If you can choose to have smart, healthy and beautiful children, do you want to? Of course! In China, human embryo editing gene experiments have been carried out to design babies according to several characteristics. This is a future technology development that is sophisticated and (maybe) terrible.

CRISPR CAS9 is a technology that plays an important role in the future development of genetic engineering technology. Watch the video above for more details!

Weather Survey and Party Election with Artificial Intelligence

The latest project James Bridle wants to show that weather conditions affect the amount of voting in elections. He then built a machine learning model to predict election results based on the weather conditions.

Random indeed, but basically artificial intelligence is already widely used in real life at this time, although its use is arguably still at an early stage and still needs refinement in the future.

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