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Garena Free Fire PC (also referred to as “Garena Free Fire” or “Free Fire Battlegrounds”) is a Free 2 Play mobile battle royale game developed by 111dots Studio from Vietnam and published to the worldwide audiences by Garena. Built from the bottom up to supply optimized online multiplayer experience to iOS and Android players, this online-only action-adventure Battle Royale game managed very quickly to draw in the audience of over 450 million registered users on iOS, Android, and PC users who can access the sport via modern emulation apps.

Free Fire respects all the core tropes of the fashionable Battle Royale genre, including deploying on an island battle arena map via an airplane, land during a location of their choice and begin checking out weapons, weapon attachments, armor pieces,

And useful tools needed not only to traverse the damaging environment that’s constantly shrinking right down to the world of the ultimate battle but also to survive the attacks from other players around them.

The tense and tactical combat offered by Free Fire GameLoop enables players to become fully inversed into the action survival gameplay that’s optimized to last just a dozen minutes, which may be a perfect amount of your time to carry the eye of mobile users both reception and on the go. The core gameplay mode supports a maximum of fifty active players.

To make each engagement unique and challenging, developers of Free Fire have created a cast of 18 unique playing characters that players can upgrade, customize with various cosmetic items,

And cash in of their special abilities. for instance, professional bodyguard Nikita has eight levels of special upgrades which will boost the reload speed of submachine guns and unlock her special cosmetic gear.

The special abilities are centered not only on offensive capabilities but also on boosting defensive and various other gameplay stats (healing speed, inventory size, etc.).

As for the weapons, the sport offers the assortment of over 30 weapons separated in nine distinct categories – Launcher, LMG, SMG, Melee, AR, Pistol, Shotguns, Bows, and Snipers. Each weapon has it’s own base stats, which may be boosted by finding and equipping the subsequent attachments – Silencer (reduces bullet sound and reduces the visibility of the muzzle flash),

Muzzle (prevents damage reduction for many shots), Foregrip (reduces bullet spread), Magazine (increases clip size), and Optical scope. a number of the weapons come pre-attached gear, while the overwhelming majority of them require players to seek out attachment either on the sector or from the inventories of defeated opponents.

In addition to the seamless support for gameplay on modern iOS and Android devices, with visual optimization for slower/older devices and intuitive-touch friendly interface, Free Fire for Desktop also can be played on home PCs (both desktops and laptops) via modern Android emulation sort of a GameLoop. This version of the sport can take full advantage of recent PC rendering architecture, traditional control set, a good array of customization, and network play. free fire pc.

Free Fire is out there immediately under F2P license, with all game modes unlocked from the beginning and big selection of cosmetic items and seasonal unlocks available from within the app.

Garena Free fire pc update review

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The Lunar New Year is almost upon. For celebrating the New Year and surprise the players of Garenar Free Fire, the developer Garena has taken many special events, challenges, game modes, and rewards recently. This week, it’s released the New Tagger Bundles, Slaughter Party, Moco Hacking Adventure, Pet Robo, Sneak peek of Trap revolution, Custom Room Card, and more. Here may be a brief summary of the weekly update of Garena Free Fire Pc.

Custom Room Cards
How exciting to listen to this fancy custom room card, which involves the custom setting of movement speed, player hp, fall damage, and so on.

This fresh custom setting system ensures players couldn’t only enjoy the shooting experience in FF but also participate in the game content creating process and merchandise the user-generate content.

This custom room cards are available from now on (16th Jan).

Sneak peek: Spray Fresh with Trap
One of the foremost exciting and expected events named Sneak Peek. it’s reported that Garena plans to carry a revolution for its players by organizing the Trap event. This activity begins today (16th Jan), you’ll participate within the trap revolution now by login in Garena Free Fire.

New Pet Robo
Along with the Winter Lands Event, Garena adding new Aurous Dragon SCAR skin to Weapon Royale. This new pet robot was available for players within the Free Fire server from 15th January. With a moon-shaped robot servant appearance, Pat Robo has two colors with blue and orange.

It is supposed that players who obtain this pet robot are going to be much easier to level up to level 6. Go and got it now! free fire pc.

Tagger Bundles
Players could gather massive Tagger Bundles within the incubator of Free Fire, alongside their Graffito and Graffiti Outfits. it’s really time for you to prove your artist’s talents and luxuriate in casual game outfits there.

The bundles are available from 13th January.

Moco’s Hacking Adventure
It is an exciting and interesting game for all players to participate in the hacking adventure. the principles are super simple: audiences got to help Moco get all the things and leave the shop before anyone catches them.

Garen Free Fire Rampage for PC

It is important to note that this Hacking Adventure will endways 20th January.

Slaughter Party MP40
A fancy and well-designed gun of Slaughter Party MP40 was available for players since 14th January. you’ll claim this gun by redeeming tokens from finishing and completing call challenges. Here may be a video of the Slaughter Party MP40.

Garena Free Fire is the ultimate survival shooter game available on mobile. Each 10-minute game places you on a foreign island where you’re pit against 49 other players, all seeking survival. Players freely choose their start line with their parachute and aim to remain within the safe zone for as long as possible. a replacement episode of Free Fire – high water has released recently, with the background of a story of exploring the gems and gold. Plus, a replacement spunky character Notora goes to hitch the clan in Free Fire! of these fresh heroes and episodes you’ll experience on PC with GameLoop.

You could obtain the simplest gaming experience on PC with GameLoop, specifically, the advantages of playing Garena Free Fire on GameLoop are included because of the following aspects:
* Rapid and Accurate Controller Support. Free Fire may be a sort of FPS game, which demand the players to practice a quick and precise shooting or aiming skill. According, GameLoop provides the unique Two-Engine system (especially the AOW engine), supporting the need of players to customize keymapping design, optimizing the use of keyboard and mouse. free fire pc.

* Ultimate Graphic and Vision, Exclusive Support of 2K Resolutionso as to determine an immersive gaming environment for players, GameLoop spends many effects to enhance graphic quality in each game. Hence, players of Free Fire could notice a tremendous map with various views on GameLoop with an enormous screen.
* Lower Equipment Requirement, Min. 2GB RAM. FPS games usually got to appreciate the control flexibility and smooth experience of the sport. GameLoop could offer an in-depth adaption, fixing the common problem about the fast power consumption of mobile, which ensures players could obtain an incredible gaming experience on PC.

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The Lunar New Year is nearly upon. For celebrating the new year and surprise the players of Garenar Free Fire, the developer Garena has taken lots of special events, challenges, game modes, and rewards recently. This week, it has released the New Tagger Bundles, Slaughter Party, Moco Hacking Adventure, Pet Robo, Sneak peek of Trap revolution, Custom Room Card, and more. Here is a brief summary of the weekly update of Garena Free Fire.

Custom Room Cards
How exciting to hear this fancy custom room card, which involves the custom setting of movement speed, player hp, fall damage, and so on.

This fresh custom setting system ensures players could not only enjoy the shooting experience in FF but also take part in the game content creating process and product the user-generate content. free fire pc.

This custom room cards are available from now on (16th Jan).

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