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GBWhatsApp is an enhanced and customized mod of original WhatsApp. it’s supported a WhatsApp mod which was discontinued by the WhatsApp creators once they streamlined gb whatsapp latest version. gb whatsapp download.

The GBWhatsApp Mod stayed in circulation and thanks to that we have the GBWhatsApp which you’ll easily customize if you’re a developer. GBWhatsApp features a tweaked UI for added features and uses an equivalent license and protocol because of GB WhatsApp.

Gb Whatsapp Latest Version

GBWhatsApp apk isn’t available on the Google play store. Because Whatsapp doesn’t allow anyone to develop a mod version of their official Whatsapp app. Now the question is “Is GBWhatsApp is safe?”, we’ll mention this afterward in this text only. So Don’t go anywhere you’ll miss many things about GB WhatsApp apk.
GB WhatsApp gained many users in a very short time simply because of it’s new or unique key features like Anti Delete status, Show Blue tick after reply, who can call me, or far more.

heymods by Gb Whatsapp

HeyMods Team may be a mod-lover team, we wanna make Whatsapp better, a bit like Yo, GB or Coocoo did, however, GBWhatsApp is not any longer being maintained.

HeyMods Team pays tribute to the developer of GBWhatsApp, who built the superb mods and inspired us, to create the remake of GBWhatsApp and extend the lifetime of GBWhatsApp. gb whatsapp download.

gb whatsapp download latest version

Gbwhatsapp APk file details

APK Name GBWhatsApp (GB WhatsApp) apk
APK version 11.00.1
Last Updated On 14 August 2020
WhatsApp Base 2.20.189 (GooglePlay)
Size 41.5 MB
Package Name com.gbwhatsapp
Required Android 4.4+
Licence Free
Root Access No
Developer HeyMods Team

The latest version of GBWhatsApp by HeyMods is ic_update_gbwa.png. Now GBWhatsApp apk developer has stopped updating GBWhatsApp app. Keep visiting this blog for the newest Mod apk files of GB WhatsApp Mod apk.

There are many other blogs that provide you GBWhatsApp or Other Whatsapp mod apk file but If you would like to stay your data safe then please don’t download any apk file from unknown websites.

Because it’s going to contain malware on APK file which will steal your data from your Android device.

What are Features Of GBWhatsApp Mod APK by HeyMods?

gb whatsapp 11.00.0

。Facebook Messenger Chat Head
。DND (Do not disturb) Mode
。Hidden Chats
。Locate your friends
。Dynamic theme background
。DIY Theme
。Animated Stickers
。Upto 8 people video call
。Color Phone
。Real time filters/stickers during a video call
。Dark mode support
。You are ready to freeze your last seen
。Conversation text translation
。Custom privacy For Contacts
。You can change Whatsapp apk default name logo
。Anti delete Message
。Hide View Status
。Colorful contacts screen
。Attach button available in WANH Entry
。Show Blue Tick after Reply
。You can change the tick style and bubble style
。Different New Emojis
。You can make a custom list of Who can Call me
。You can use quite 250 texts on GBWhatsApp Story
。Yo Theme stores
。Profile picture zoom
。Contact Online Toast
。Optimized bubble style
。Only GBWhatsApp apk can send quite 10 images
。Custom privacy for Groups and chats
。One click to make a replacement group
。Vibration feature for Privacy chats
。Now ready to pin quite 1000 chats
。Send quite 1000+ media in just one occasion
。Send videos up to 80MB
。Send an excellent long (5-minute) & hight quality status
。Send photo up to 100M pixels in 100% image quality
。Squar Photo Corner
。Set stories video up to five Minutes
。Speed has been improved

How to install GB WhatsApp latest version?

To install WhatsApp PLUS you want to follow a couple of simple steps below:

Before the start, we must try to do a backup of our chats. to try to do this, open WhatsApp. attend chat options and make a backup of your conversations. This copy is stored on the SD card or in internal memory and from there,

it’s gonna be able to be retrieved by WhatsApp Plus.
Uninstall the official WhatsApp or WhatsApp MODs.
Enables installation from unknown sources. to try to do this, attend Settings> Security, and check the “Unknown sources” box.
Install the APK official file of WhatsApp Plus. gb WhatsApp latest version.

Download it from here, then open the downloaded file to start the installation.
Now only remains to verify the telephone number and import the chats. for a roll in the hay opens WhatsApp Plus and verifies the telephone number, as in WhatsApp.

Now WhatsApp Plus will ask if you would like to recover the backup of the chats, of course, click on yes.
If you have already got the modification installed, to update WhatsApp PLUS simply download the newest version and install the APK as normal by clicking thereon.

What’s New in Version 11.00.1?

The highlight of this remake 11.00.1 is that the new base, version 2.20.189 of WhatsApp for Android, of the few modifications that have such a complicated version, with which we will make group calls and video calls of up to eight users. we’ve also added Emoji Variants.

The full list of what’s new in WhatsApp PLUS 11.00.1 is:

Version 11.00.1:
Base: 2.20.189 (Google Play)
[Added] Home Page Header Style (in DIY Theme)
[Added] Home Page Bottom Style (in DIY Theme)
[Added] Chat Head Message Beta (Settings > Universal Settings > Others)
[Added] Online Status
[Added] Separate Chats / Groups (Settings > Home Screen)
[Added] Use my name as home Head (Settings > Home Screen)
[Added] Bottom navigation (Settings > Home Screen)
[Added] Dark mode shortcut
[Added] Icon for Anti-delete messages
[Added] More Status options (Settings > Universal Settings > Status)
[Fixed] Who can call me
[Fixed] Online Toast
[Fixed] APK Size
[Fixed] Dark theme in Android 10
[Fixed] Incorrect Theme color
Version 10.00.0:
[Upgraded] New Base 2.20.189
[Added] Emoji Variants
[Added] More Languages Supported:Arabic、Türkçe、اُردُو
[Fixed] Optimized APK size
[Fixed] Restart App Failed in some devices
Version 9.90.0:
[Added] Hide Chats (click WhatsApp to enter)
[Added] Hide Chats Settings
[Added] Add Restart WA to menu
[Added] About Page
[Fixed] Remove annoying theme images within the gallery
[Fixed] Multiple Crash Fixed
[Fixed] Some UI issues

Download WhatsApp PLUS 11.00.1
To download WhatsApp PLUS 11.00.1 with the com.WhatsApp package, we only have this feature, so for now we cannot install it as a secondary number, only as a primary number. Remember to backup your conversations before installing.

GBWhatsApp Anti-ban

Whatsapp is banning their account who does some unusual activity like uploading 5 minutes long video on GBWhatsApp app status. But now during this version on GB WhatsApp, you don’t get to worry about this thing.

Because this possesses fixed on GBWhatsApp version ic_update_gbwa.png. If you will not be safe from banning account then don’t overuse of GBWhatsApp apk Extra features that don’t available on Official Whatsapp version apk.

GBWhatsApp Mod Update

Download YoWhatsApp APK For Android

As the original developer has stopped giving updates of GBWhatsApp apk. So now We aren’t sure they’re going to give an update or not.

If any news comes then we’ll post it on our blog. If you’ve got not bookmarked this blog then please bookmark it and click on the allow button for future notification.

As we told Yousef Al-Basha will work on GB WhatsApp mod apk file updates. gb whatsapp download.

Is there an epidemic in GBWhatsApp?

No, HeyMods team promises there’s no any virus/spyware or malicious code in GBWhatsApp by HeyMods Team.

The GBWhatsApp apk is scanned and gone by 58 virus scanner with 0 defects detected.

GB WhatsApp Best Features

As a typical package, WhatsApp may be a revolutionary tool designed to assist people to communicate easily over Wi-Fi and data connection. Its simple layout and easy-to-use chat function have made gb WhatsApp a superb option for anyone who wants to talk with their friends around the world. 

you’ll easily found out group chats, send files and organize meetings using simple buttons within the app. However, if you would like to urge more out of this fantastic app, gb whatsapp latest version.

GB WhatsApp is for you. Here may be a list of the additional features and why it’s definitely worth downloading this updated version of WhatsApp.

Auto Reply Function (Easy Messaging)

gb whatsapp download

Have you ever been frustrated by having to type an equivalent message over and over? this is often especially annoying for those that use WhatsApp for business or are too busy to reply immediately.

 you’ll also receive several similar messages over and once again. GB WhatsApp’s automatic reply function allows you to line a typical reply for a special message range. gb WhatsApp download.

this protects your time, hassle-free, and keeps your friends up so far. It’s really simple to use and you’ll configure any sort of response you would like.

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Disable DND functionality
Are you using other apps on a daily basis and your phone and do not want one to interrupt the other? Using the GB WhatsApp DND feature, you’ll disable the web connection only for WhatsApp – this suggests that, while using your phone for other important things, you will not be disturbed by any calls or messages.

As stated, this functionality is superb for business users or those that use their phones for games. there’s nothing worse than getting a call within the middle of a crucial game! Gb WhatsApp download.

Sending Text Messages to Large Groups
Although you’ll send messages to groups on standard WhatsApp, transmitting to several people may be a little harder.

Using the updated WhatsApp GB, you’ll send messages to multiple contacts at an equivalent time. this is often an excellent alternative to marketing, texting friends about an upcoming event, or using it during special events. 

it’s really simple and straightforward to use the function, which is one of the explanations why it’s an excellent idea to download this application.

Filter your Messages Using WhatsApp GB Plus
A very useful feature of GB WhatsApp is the ability to filter your messages, allowing certain words, phrases, and even people to be organized into different categories. 

this suggests that you simply can keep your messages organized exactly as you would like, while also filtering out spam messages. If you’re a frequent WhatsApp user,

this update is certainly useful. The filter option also comes with the power to wash your messages directly, saving tons of your time and energy rather than deleting messages one by one. gb whatsapp download.

Download Mod Apk

More about GBWhatsapp
GBWhatsApp is an enhanced and customized mod of original WhatsApp and is best suited for those that want to use two Whatsapp accounts on one device. it’s supported WhatsApp Plus mod which was discontinued by the WhatsApp creators once they streamlined WhatsApp.

The advantage of GBWhatsApp is that you simply can install it alongside your original WhatsApp with none interference. you’ll also view messages that are deleted by the opposite user and may easily retrieve photos that are deleted privately or in group chat.

This version of Whatsapp is additionally best suited just in case you get banned from the first Whatsapp. Accounts that get banned receive just a little message: “Your telephone number is banned from using WhatsApp. Contact support for help.” Whatsapp official usually doesn’t issue any warning before banning an account and that’s it you can’t use Whatsapp anymore. But GBWhatsapp offers a bypass from the Whatsapp ban.

The WhatsApp plus Mod stayed in circulation and thanks to that we have the GBWhatsApp which you’ll easily customize if you’re a developer. GB WhatsApp features a tweaked UI for added features and uses an equivalent license and protocol because of the WhatsApp.

Once installed you’ll still use the GBWhatsApp with a replacement number as a totally independent chat app. GBWhatsapp comes with many features and far more improvement. Also, it’s many new themes and improved privacy policy. gb whatsapp download.

You can use this application to get the hidden features of Whatsapp. the simplest app to enjoy two different accounts on an equivalent device. you’ll hide your online status, send larger video files, quite 90 pictures are often sent directly instead of 10 pictures in WhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp Features:
GBWhatsApp supports many special features added to its latest Modded APK. Because this app comes from an independent developer AlexMods, thus it gives the app Anti-Ban feature & makes it Ban Proof. It works great on standard phones and there’s no need for Root Access. But you’ll always check if your phone is rooted by using the basis Checker app.

You will also notice improved personal privacy while using this moded version of Whatsapp. you’ll disable calls from specific people with the power to dam and unblock. Moreover, change tick styles at your own choice. Easily Hide your last seen Ever by changing the settings within the Privacy Options. Normally you’ll not find these settings on the quality Whatsapp. gb whatsapp download.

You can also Hide double tick and customize the second tick settings. and therefore the other person won’t even know that you simply have done this. In normal Whatsapp whatever change you create you’ve got to implement it to yourself also. But that’s the sweetness of GB Whatsapp where you simply need to make changes a method while you enjoy everything yourself. zoomscred.

Privacy and Customization in GB Whatsapp
In the latest update, you furthermore may get to line privacy on your status and may set to yourself or your contacts only. otherwise, you can hide your status from specific contacts. This feature is exclusive to GB Whatsapp only. you’ll also stop receiving calls from anyone you would like to, or for everybody.

Now talking about the fun features of GB Whatsapp include Zooming of Profile pictures of your contacts. Just click a photograph and concentrate. Plus you’ll also get an alert if one among your friends has changed their Whatsapp profile picture. Plus you’ll copy anyone’s status just open their status copy and download.

Sharing media on this moded version is additionally fun and you’ll share up to 90 images during a single go. Audio clips are often up to 100 MB and video sizes are often up to 30MB. Viewing media is additionally very easy as everything downloads automatically and you simply need to click and play. Please note that we don’t recommend using GBWhatsApp because it’s unofficial and does offer encryption. WhatsApp Inc. has officially begun to discourage the utilization of such apps. Read More >>

You can customize the messenger themes and apply custom themes. It also offers a dark mode and a built-in emoji changer alongside numerous GBWhatsapp themes. Customizations also include the power to vary missed calls icons which are very helpful if you’re using GBWhatsapp for secret purposes alongside the power to vary the decision screen of your calls.

All these features might sound fun but confine in mind that this version of Whatsapp is very modded and is insecure compared to the official version. That’s why this version has been faraway from the playstore and poses a serious privacy threat highlighted during this article. gb whatsapp download.

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