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Google Drive Pricing in 2020: Google drive unlimited storage

In 2007, Drew Houston, Dropbox’s CEO, got sick and uninterested in misplacing his USB drive, so he created the primary personal and little business cloud storage service. it had been a radical idea in its time, and everybody loved it. Today, there are dozens of cheap or free cloud storage services. But — beyond supplying you with storage — they’re very different. Google drive pricing.

How does one choose which one is true for you? you’ll just pick on the idea of what proportion free space for storing you get from them. That’s simple, but it only tells a part of the story. the important value from a cloud storage service comes from how well it works for you or your business. As you will see, some work far better with some operating systems and business plans than others.

Let’s start, shall we?

Google Drive

Google Drive boasts great storage and tons of extras

See the Plans & Pricing

Google Drive wont to be just storage. on the other hand, Google took its online office suite, Google Docs, and pasted them together. Now, for simply having a Google account, you get 15GB of free storage and a superb office suite. It’s ok that a lot of businesses and Chromebook users are now using it as their complete cloud-based office.

Need more storage? No problem. Under the name Google One, Google Drive storage prices start at $1.99 per month or $19.99 a year for 100GB. Or, for $2.99 a month or $19.99 a year, you get 200GB. For a 2TB, you pay $9.99 per month or $99.99 annually, and 10TB costs $99.99 per month. you’ll go all the high to 30TB for $299.99 a month. With these plans, you’ll share your storage together with your family.

If you are a Chromebook or Google computer userI do not get to sell you on Google Drive. it is the best cloud storage option for you. Personally, while I’ve used these storage services, Google Drive is that the one I exploit a day.

How much does Google drive Cost?

Google One offers a variety of plans, so you’ll find one that works for you. Plans vary by country, so check the pricing in your country.

Google today significantly dropped the costs for its Google Drive online storage service. the primary 15GB of storage remain free, but 100GB now costs just $1.99 per month rather than $4.99. Even more impressively, though, you’ll now get a terabyte of online storage for $9.99 a month, down from $49.99.

How am I able to use Google One if I’m not a member?

As a free Google One user, you’ll copy data on your Android phone, and also release space in your Google Account using the storage manager. If you get a Google One membership, you’ll unlock additional features like expanded cloud storage, support from our team of Google experts, and exclusive benefits.

How do I buy Google drive pricing?

You can select your Google One plan and pay through the web site at or through the Google One app. Learn more about accepted sorts of payment.

Can I get an annual plan?

Yes! you’ve got the choice of paying monthly or annually for all of the plans, starting at 100 GB. See here for the newest pricing. Pro tip: economize once you purchase an annual plan (compared to a monthly plan).

Note: some restrictions may apply if you get Google One through a partner or other company.

Does it cost extra to share my plan with people in my family group?

No. It’s liberal to share your Google One membership with people in your family group. Sharing simplifies storage under one bill and provides your family group access to the advantages of Google One. Learn more about plan sharing.

Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive for private and business users isn’t a first-rate storage service.

Mind you, it’s gotten better. Amazon Drive now has sync services for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. Alas, it still doesn’t have a Linux client. there’s a third-party program, drive, which enables you to sync between Amazon Drive and your Windows, Mac, or Linux desktops.

On the plus side, Amazon moves files by using block-level file copying (aka “differential sync” or “delta sync”). With this method, which Dropbox uses also once you sync a file, you simply send and receive the differences, the delta, between files. This makes syncing files much faster on these services than their rivals. google drive pricing.

Amazon Prime members get 5GB of storage to be used with Amazon Drive and unlimited photo storage with Prime Photos. If you would like more, Amazon’s current annual storage plans start at 100GB for $19.99 and 1TB for $59.99. Other Amazon cloud plans will take you up to 30TB for, brace-yourself, $1,799.70.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, Amazon Drive is worthwhile. If you are not, keep looking. google drive pricing.


Box is both cloud storage and a document work-flow program in one.

Box starts you out with a free cloud storage account and 10GB of storage. For $10 a month, the Box Personal Pro Plan allows you to upload files up to 5GB and provides you with 100GB of space.

But, while Box may be a fine cloud storage service, where it really shines is as a groupware or work-flow application. Used that way, it enables you to share files with colleagues, assign tasks, leave comments on someone’s work, and obtain notifications when a file changes. It integrated with Google Docs and Microsoft Office 365.

The Box Business Plan for little and medium-sized businesses offers unlimited storage. Yes, that’s right, unlimited storage, for $15 per month per user with a minimum of three users. So, the starting price is $45 a month.


Oldest personal cloud storage shows it age, but it’s still good.

Dropbox came first, so it’s no wonder numerous folks have Dropbox accounts. Sure, its free storage is merely 2GB, but you’ll use it on any platform. you’ll get to your files from Dropbox’s website, desktop applications for Mac, Windows, and Linux, the native file systems, the iOS, Android, Kindle Fire mobile apps, and even Blackberry phones are still supported. it is a snap to line up, and you do not get to worry about syncing files for a second. google drive pricing.

If you would like more storage, Dropbox’s personal plans move up to 2TB for $9.99 a month and 3TB for $16.58 a month. Dropbox Business plans start at 3TB for $12.50 a month. If you would like even more, Dropbox offers unlimited storage starting at $20 per user per month. of these plans accompany a 30-day free trial.

Where Dropbox shines the foremost is its sheer simplicity — and therefore the simple incontrovertible fact that you’ll use it on almost any platform you care to call. If you value simple, fast, and easy, Dropbox should be your first choice. I do not get to tell you that. You’re probably already using it.

iCloud Drive

Apple’s good at many things, but cloud storage isn’t one among them

google drive pricing

Apple’s cloud entry is awkward. iCloud Drive shows its best advantage once you use it with Apple’s latest and greatest gear — but, even then, it’s quirky.

Perhaps, iCloud’s most annoying “feature” is that the confusion between iCloud and iCloud Drive. they are not an equivalent thing. additionally, iCloud Drive, in my experience, is susceptible to be slow and quirky. I’ve had trouble syncing files between my Macs and iDevices for years. I wont to think iCloud Drive would eventually be for Apple users what OneDrive already is for Windows — the desktop and therefore the cloud merging into one. I can not see that taking place now. Apple simply doesn’t appear interested. google drive pricing.


Don’t let its name confuse you, IDrive may be a top-notch cloud storage service

IDrive is for everybody who likes to mix a cloud backup service with cloud storage. While it’s the main job is for backing up personal and little businesses, it also works well for private cloud storage.

Unlike many other cloud backup services, iDrive doesn’t lock you right down to one computer. you’ll use one account to backup your Windows and macOS desktops, your Android smartphone and iPhones and tablets, and your network drives. There’s also a Linux backup option, but it’s meant for Linux servers. there’s no Linux personal storage.

IDrive starts its offers with 5GB for free of charge. That’s OK, but if you would like to form the foremost of it for backup, the important deal is in its Personal iDrive offerings.

These start at $52.12 for 2TB for a year or a good better deal of $74.62 for 5TB annually per user. There also are business packages with unlimited users, but the worth goes up for less storage. for instance, it’s $74.62 for 250GB.

If you are looking for a private or small business backup, iDrive demands an extended, hard look. It’s both easy to use and cheapit is also good for cloud storage. Check it out. you will be glad you probably did.

NextCloud {google drive pricing}

Do-it-yourself open-source cloud storage for the last word in privacy and security.

google drive pricing

Nextcloud is an open-source program that permits you to line up your own cloud storage service using your existing servers and hard drives. This do-it-yourself cloud is for everybody who values security and privacy.

You can use Nextcloud to line up your own cloud storage either on an office server or off your own external servers. what proportion storage can it give you? what proportion does one want? I even have a 4TB Nextcloud drive in my office and another terabyte off my co-hosted server rack. Still, NextCloud, while easy to line up for a Linux power-user, might prove a challenge for a few.

Nextcloud comes in both a free and a business edition. With the free version, you set it up yourself using your own computers. Here, you get the maximum amount storage as you’ve got available on your machines. If you do not want to run it yourself, the business version, Nextcloud Files, comes with basic support for up to 50 users for 1,900 Euros a year.

This cloud storage solution is for anyone who wants the utmost amount of control over their cloud and doesn’t mind performing some extra work to urge it good . I highly recommend it.

One Drive. {google drive pricing}

Microsoft merges your Windows desktop and therefore the cloud

google drive pricing

OneDrive is baked into Windows and they are very tasty together. As far as a Windows user cares, OneDrive is simply another directory within the file explorer. mention it easy! Anyone can use it online, with a desktop app for Mac and earlier versions of Windows, and with OneDrive apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Xbox. Yes, Xbox.

Microsoft OneDrive’s real point is –besides working hand-in-glove with Windows — it also works closely with Microsoft Office programs. With Office 365, you’ll also collaborate with others in documents and spreadsheets in real-time together with your partners.

OneDrive comes with 5GB of free storage. Office 365 users get an additional terabyte per user for starting with the $6.99-per-month subscription. This plan maxes out at six people or 6TB of storage. If you’re an Office 365 user, this is often a no brainer. you’ll also add 50GB to OneDrive for $1.99 per month.

There’s no question who will get the foremost from OneDrive. It’s anyone who’s wedded to Windows and Microsoft Office. If that’s you, starting using it already. you will be glad you probably did.

What’s the best cloud storage for you? google drive pricing.

It depends on what you employ and what you would like to try to to with it. of these services offer you quite enough free or cheap service for little business purposes. In short, do not be distracted by what percentage free gigabytes of storage you get; it isn’t that important.
Personally, I prefer Google Drive and Nextcloud — but those meet my needs best. For you, it’s going to be a special story.

To sum up:

All-in-one office/cloud/workflow: Box, Google Drive, or Nextcloud
Apple users: Amazon, Dropbox, or Google Drive (until iCloud Drive matures)
Backup: iDrive
Ease of use and multiple devices: Dropbox
Google users: Google Drive
Linux users: Nextcloud
Users who place a high value on having data control: Box or Nextcloud
Windows users: OneDrive
So, get out there, find a service, and begin saving and backing up your files to the cloud. it’ll make your life much easier. google drive pricing.

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FAQ’s on Google drive pricing

How do i buy 100gb free on Google Drive?
Open Chrome from the desktop.
Navigate to the 100GB of Google Drive space.
Scroll right down to the Google Drive section and click on “Redeem offer.” Note, you’ll also redeem 90 days of free Google Play.

Is Google Drive liberal to use?
It’s freed from charge and may be found out during a jiffy . The account gives you access to all or any of Google’s services, including Drive, Gmail, Photos, YouTube, Play Store, and so on. you’ll access Drive on the online by heading to or via the free Android app.

Which is the best Dropbox or Google Drive?
Winner. within the battle of Dropbox vs Google Drive, the simplest cloud storage service is Dropbox, by a nose. It just edges out Google Drive supported security, but its slightly easier file sharing and faster syncing also make it a far better service, particularly for those that collaborate on tons of documents.

How am I able to upgrade Google Drive storage for free?
Go to the Photos settings page, and choose “High quality (free unlimited storage).”
On that same page, click the “Recover Storage” button. That’ll compress your existing photos and videos and take away them from your Google storage quota.

What is the disadvantage of Google Drive?

Google Drive may be a powerful file storage tool, it’s countless advantages and that I believe that it’d have a disadvantage alsoone of the disadvantages that I feel might happen is going to be the hackers who hack or remove your important data, or they install a virus into your server and your files are gone.

Which is best Google Drive or OneDrive?
While Google Drive offers a greater number of options, Microsoft OneDrive delivers better value for money. For $9.99, Google Drive offers you 2 TB storage while OneDrive delivers 6 TB storage bundled alongside other Office 365 products.

Is Google Drive safe for pictures?
When you upload files to Google Drive, they’re stored in secure data centers. If your computer, phone, or tablet is lost or broken, you’ll still access your files from other devices. Your files are private unless you share them.

What is the most important free online storage?
pCloud – 10GB free. – 5GB free.
Google Drive 15GB free.
MEGA – 15GB free.
Dropbox – 2GB (up to 18GB with referrals)
Amazon Drive – (unlimited photos with Prime)
Apple iCloud – 5GB free.
Microsoft OneDrive 5GB free – 1TB for college kids.

google drive pricing

What is the difference between Google Drive and Google one?
Google Drive may be a storage service. Google One may be a subscription plan that provides you more storage to use across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. Plus, with Google One, you get extra benefits and may share your membership together with your family.

What are the pros and cons of using Google Drive?
Google Drive Pros 2020.
Access of Files Wherever you’re. Easy Editing of Files. Compatible With a good Range of Devices. Easy Sharing and Collaboration of Files. Google Drive is flexible. File Security. …
Google Drive Cons 2020. Limited to Gmail.
It Relies on Internet Connection in Some Cases. Security Issues.

How long do files stay in Google Drive?
Google Drive currently keeps trashed items for 30 days. Once a file or folder has been removed, it’ll remain within the Trash area until deleted or until those 30 days have passed. This length of your time will change to 60 days effective Wednesday,

Can Google Drive lose data?
Google goes thus far on the guarantee that paying G Suite customers’ data can survive the loss of a whole data center. albeit an earthquake, eruption, or full-on kaiju attack destroy the Google facility where your data is primarily stored, your Google Drive files are going to be copy and running within 24 hours.

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