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King of Avalon: Dragon War Update Multiplayer Strategy

82 / 100

King Arthur fell in battle, a victim of the betrayal of his nephew Mordred. Now, his body lies during a fortress on the sacred Isle of Avalon next to his powerful sword, Excalibur. it’s only Excalibur is raised again that a replacement king again is going to be crowned and therefore the kingdom is going to be unified. the entire empire has been split into cities fighting one another. Many desire the facility and magic of Excalibur but there’s only room for one within the king’s throne… king of Avalon.

King of Avalon is about fantasy of medieval England bringing back the legend of Arthur and therefore the Knights of the Round Table. Build a mighty city, raise a greater army, master war strategy skills for an intelligent strategy to travel to battle, train your magic dragon, and wage war against your medieval enemy! Join a multiplayer alliance to survive every enemy assault and increase your chances of succeeding! the good war between kings is close to the beginning! Build the foremost powerful empire ever!

Raise your dragon and build your army within the PvP quest to lift Excalibur and become King. Taste power and victory while making friends and enemies along the way. Chat, help, trade, and wage war with players around the globe during a multiplayer adventure. King Arthur’s death has left an empty throne… prepare to urge medieval! The epic battle to overcome the dominion together with your dragon has started!

◆ War! Everywhere. You and your army allies got to be prepared. Build up and upgrade your bases and bulk up epic armies with a war strategy – you are not the sole ones together with your eyes on the throne of the Empire!
◆ Multiplayer kingdom war alliances! No man is an island. Whether you’re rallying against a GvE Barbarian leader or marching at a PvP bully, you’ll need allies that you simply can trust.
◆ Send a spy to your enemies together with your troops before waging war against the enemy castle!
◆ Dragons! A legendary weapon of mass destruction. How will you train a legendary dragon to battle in your fantasy army?
◆ Chat & play! The Easy-translation feature brings thousands of players from around the world together during this real-time multiplayer war.
◆ Strategy! Research and master army attack and defense skills to make sure that you simply have the sting over your magic enemies. Know when to be invisible and when to order an invasion during this PvP adventure!
◆ Building! Build the foundations of an Empire strong enough to survive during a dragon-fire war zone!
◆ Experience realist gameplay in every mission. Manage and produce resources to create your army, conquer the dominion, and win the throne!
◆ Epic free MMO fantasy adventure! The Legend of Camelot lives. Awesome monsters and dragons!

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Make strategy your ally and build the best army of all time during this multiplayer RTS! Be one among the heroes of King of Avalon and become a myth of the dragon-fire war! king of avalon.


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PLEASE NOTE: King of Avalon is totally free MMO to download and play, but some items also can be purchased for real money. If you are doing not want to use this feature, please select password protection for purchases in your Google Play Store app. A network connection is additionally required.

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desire this game is really pretty good. If you follow the search lines and tutorials, you get an honest idea of the sport. So far, I feel that the sport won’t hamper the maximum amount as some games tend to with all the new events and constant reward cycles. I’m pretty impressed with the title thus far, but I’ll continue playing and update at some point within the future. Not gonna get an ideal rating, because I do see that it’s sorta samey, and should become a grind to play. The streamline pay2win hurt it

I feel you ought to be ready to get everything a paying player should get. It just takes you longer to urge it. Paying helps upgrade faster. a none paying player will make it fair get an equivalent just at an extended duration. Not all have tens of thousands to pay. It makes it unfair for those that want to possess fun and play that can’t pay tons to compete. game is more one-sided to those that pay. It’s wrong. Update. I’m seeing big improvements in getting an equivalent as if you pay. Its getting fun again.

wont to really enjoy this game. that’s until this most up-to-date update 7.4.0 don’t WASTE some time ON THIS GAME. they need completely ruined what was easy to use the game and alter all the heroes and the way they’re used and once they are used… GARBAGE. I will be able to be ending my subscription and after more than 3 years of playing this game I feel this is often the ultimate nail within the coffin, and it seems there are many many many others that feel an equivalent way…. thanks to KILL an excellent GAME. 😡😥

The game is great until you realize that it’s just for people that can spend money thereon. If you are a beginner and don’t spend on games, you bought no chance. Skills and brains won’t assist you. Playing 24hrs each day wouldn’t assist you either unless you spend real money. Higher-level would just farm from you and keep it up attacking your city helplessly. you should not even need to call it “war”. Level the 30s to not lose anything would attack level 15s and loses tonsthe sport is an imbalance.

I am making a replacement review! many thanks such a lot for your changes! If gamers played this within the past and left I even have great news! Yes! it’s a tough game and better castles and more games to stay you busy! Yes! there’s more! This game is simpler for your eyes! Some times,in the past I strained my eyes to ascertain the same as words or symbols. Now my eyes have joy! I found an excellent alliance that’s faithful to the game! I’m on a hard and fast low income yet here I’m still playing and just have my new castle at 25! king of avalon.

Fairly easy to urge into and once you get into an honest alliance it’s more enjoyable .if you’re not one who wants to buy upgrades(me!) be prepared to possess to figure for it, however, it’s very do-able (update ) over recent updates koa are making it increasingly difficult to advance, but there are legitimate ways to try to to it (just need to work harder)hard work BUT! Still a really good game

It’s a fun game, I only started playing today for a couple of minutes, but the sport took most the remainder of my storage I had left, and my device kept saying that storage is nearly full 100 times during an hour, it had been so annoying I had to undownload it, I do not recommend downloading this game if you simply have 3 GB storage left, because it takes that much storage during an hour. king of avalon.

*Update* this game is geniusly designed to urge you interested and hooked only to seek out yourself spending hundreds even thousands of $ to remain competitive. If you’re the competitive type stand backyou’ll waste sooo much money.. the sport becomes more of a chore than a delight to play. Greedy Developers are only curious about the cash you spend. KOA should be ashamed. The new hero system allows you to urge heros that you simply have already got maxed. What a waste.. more disappointment with every update…

Edited: Don’t even bother playing. it had been interesting until you get to Level 10. Once you get to the present level. The players, who are such a lot above you attack you or your clan. A player can transport to your area and wipe out your clan and loot. Recovery to heal troops take forever. Players that played overtime or pay has all the advantage. Just keeping it real Original: Players above you’ll keep attacking your base and loot your resources. Way an excessive amount of resources to heal your troops.

A bit alow to progress and unlock resources – meaning hours upon hours to create otherwise you pay money to hurry up. Other Lords can “scout” you and ruin your resources (not a mutual battle but rather a firm of in-game griefing and bullying by way stronger lords). Graphics might be cleaner – looks muddled like an old oil painting. Needs a graphic overhaul if you inquire from me. Some pay systems here. king of avalon.

I am playing this game for 3 and a half years… the most thing is that you simply are an underdog until you spend any money… There should be a rule that no castle can attack his lower-level castle… He or she will attack only the same level or higher level castles, especially in the kingdom raid.

LOVE the sport BUT
Love the paranormal yet practical nature of the sport an excellent game. These are some things that irk me tho: cost money / fancy coins so as to vary your identity. within the face of #blacklivesmatter, you actually gonna have a white dude because of the main king default? Also, what about if I would like to be recognized because of the power female that I am? Plus they’re mostly all super sexualized in a sort of a not-okay fashion. Tone it down a touch. Pls. I’m not tryna be perceived as some digital porn star while I’m gaming; come on now. Second, unwind with all the blinky flashy features telling me what to click. I don’t like being pushed around while I’m gaming. the entire point of the quests.. is that I FIGURE THEM OUT on my very own while exploring round the digital interface. There are enough stress and spotlight-grabbing billboards in the real world. I don’t need that energy here. Stop pestering me such a lot. Third.. I would like to customize my dragon. he’s the most focus of the sport,

and also i feel the sport would be top of the charts amazing if you’ll incorporate how to dragon breed… just like the only good dragon breeding games out there are those for the youngsters where they don’t even care what gender the dragons are so as for them to breed. i prefer a game that’s more based actually. king of avalon.

Thank you and have an excellent day. Please consider my words because i feel they’re true et al. would agree.

Developer Response
Hello my Lord, we appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with us. Please take into consideration that the sport is subject to constant improvement and your suggestions also are welcomed; don’t hesitate to share them also with the support service reachable in your Stronghold. Thanks! KoA team.

The case for accessibility to visually impaired/blind players
I have always loved learning about the Arthurian legends and everyone. However, this is often not really possible if you can’t play games like that with no accessibility, is it? I’m a completely blind man, and this game sounds neat.

 it might be even more so if people like me and people with visual impairments could play. As I said, I’m totally blind so don’t know if the visuals are contrasted enough for VI (visually impaired) people to use. Please make this so in your updates. king of Avalon Update.

For totally blind and visually impaired people, you’ll connect this game to the Unity Engine in order that it’s self-voiced through there. you’ll also make it self-voiced just like the game “A Blind Legend.”

differently is to hook the sport up with Apple’s VoiceOver. This, allowing people like me to navigate the iDevice’s screen, would do so with the sport also. Of course, you’ll make the digital person within the game/the characters, that is, sighted and/or blind at some points. However,

if you are doing this, please attempt to portray the blind character positively without stereotypes as are often heard within the blindness community—stereotypes not given here, but many exist.

Thank you,

Ashleigh S. Piccinino

P.S. of course, sighted people within the game got to be portrayed positively also.

Developer Response
Hello my Lord,

We appreciate you taking the time to write down. We are always striving to enhance the sport and your feedback is vital. If you’ve got any suggestions, please contact us directly from the sport by tapping on the ‘Help & Support’ panel in your Strongholds. you’ll also visit our official Facebook fan page to seek out more game-related info and win great prizes: king of Avalon update.

After almost 3 years
King of Avalon took my attention from the primary days. I played and enjoyed the sport since 2017 and keep it up enjoying it. numerous people left numerous people who came to the present game. But those that stayed they became very close friends.

The graphics and styles are improving. the sport becomes cheaper. All I can say this game is that the only strategy game that keeps me returning and spend a while in it. But most vital is that those people that play in your alliance are those who drive you back to the game. At the start I spent tons believe me 5 figures were almost not enough yearly spending to remain top 3 in the kingdom.

Now they create it more interesting with events so free players and low spenders can enjoy the sport too. I hope this game is going to be pushing harder on making cheaper so people don’t need to worry about cheaters. Play and pay but not only pay to play. 

many thanks considerably whole team who makes this game more interesting. and tiny suggestion for brand spanking newcomers, if you’re mentally unstable please stand back from this game. It’s a very emotional driving game! Politics during this game is extremely important. More friends more chances to enjoy the game! celebrate and best wishes from all FIP and KOA members in kd399😇. king of Avalon.

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82 / 100

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