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What are the most well liked technological  new innovations at the moment? because it seems some are going to be pretty obvious, while others might surprise you.

In the following article, we’ve collated a number of the foremost interesting and potentially revolutionary tech-innovations currently either being researched or developed.

1. AI coming of age is, um, coming!

AI has been on the receiving end of massive financial investment over the last few years. According to Forbes, 80% of enterprises are now investing in it or are planning to expand AI investment if they already are. 

This influx of money has given rise to some serious new innovations in deep learning. With all this cash flowing around, many tech experts believe AI will really “come of age” within the next few years

2. Internet at the speed of lightning

The appetite for faster and faster internet connection is basically pushing the technology forward. Businesses and personal users are constantly demanding ever quicker response times and therefore the industry is responding.

With lightning-fast internet speeds just round the corner, it should be transformative for several aspects of our lives. Should it’s achieved, (new innovations)it’ll increase the efficiency of workers and can provide reliable communication tools for companies that believe remote workers.

This is where 5G could be ready to change the planet the maximum amount as our “regular” internet did several decades ago. That’s if it doesn’t kill us all first, of course.

3. Life-enriching smart tech will change the home

More and more of our lives are getting integrated with smart tech. Our homes being no exception.

Demand for ever better smart home appliances and residential entertainment systems are changing the way we socialize. Whether for better or worse, today is simply the tip of the iceberg.

Current trends seem to indicate a greater demand for more control over the way we are entertained in the home from tech. One area that may be something to watch is something called flexible viewing surfaces

These promise to be able to curve around any environment will change home entertainment and advertising beyond all recognition. Watch this space. 

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4. Dextrous robots might be with us very soon

If their work environment changes even slightly outside their preprogrammed procedure and therefore the whole assembly line could come to a grinding halt. this is often where improving robotic dexterity offers a fantastic opportunity for more flexible automation.

While it’s going to be possible to program robots to work out the way to grasp something by “looking” at it within the future, current research is trying to form them find out how to try to to so through an attempt and error process(new innovations).

One example may be a project called Dactyl, that has taught itself to flip a toy using it’s “fingers.”

5. Brain-computer interface is almost here

Innovations like Elon Musk’s Neuralink could make the mouse and keyboard obsolete within the future. add this area is constant apace and promises to permit us to regulate computers just by thinking.

We’ll allow you to decide if this may be revolutionary or to not you working and lifestyle

6. Swallowable medical devices are on the way

Small, swallowable devices are currently being developed which will capture images of your guts without the necessity for anesthetic. they will even be utilized in infants and youngsters .

Once fully developed these little medical devices will revolutionize how medical professionals diagnose and monitor some very serious diseases. this may be an incredibly powerful tool for things like cancer and intestinal disorders like environmental enteric dysfunction.

7. Custom cancer vaccines could be a reality soon

Thanks to scientific developments just like the Human Genome Project, personalized medicines and vaccines might be just round the corner. One interesting application for this is often the likelihood of developing personalized cancer vaccines.

This might sound a touch far-fetched, but it’s hoped that medical professionals could soon train your system to spot and destroy cancer cells. This, if achieved, could make cancer a thing of the past.

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8. Fancy a cow-free burger?

Meat may be a vital a part of a healthy diet, so we are told, but it comes with alittle problem – an animal must die. Developments are in motion to supply the planet with animal-free meat.

Whether lab-grown, 3D printed or plant-based, alternatives that provide an equivalent nutritional value as proper meat could soon be a reality. it’ll also offer a way for mankind to scale back dramatically our collective appetite for meat’s impact on the earth .

8. Fancy a cow-9. An end to sewers is on the way (hopefully)burger?

Developments are afoot to barge with “eco-friendly” toilets that don’t need a connection to a sewage system and may treat waste on the spot. Not only will this be revolutionary for cities of the longer term , but it’ll bring much-needed sanitation to several parts of the planet that currently lack this “luxury”.

Philanthropists Gates has been running a contest called “Reinvent the rest room Challenge” to seek out suitable, viable prototypes for this. Many submissions are literally quite promising and once self-contained, self waste metabolizing systems will benefit mankind and therefore the environment for the higher .

10. GANs – Generative Adversarial Networks are on the way

GANs, or Generative Adversarial Networks is one among the newest developments in neural networks might be the longer term . Invented by Ian Goodfellow, this class of machine learning basically sets two neural networks against one another to unravel a drag .

Given a group starting condition, the 2 networks battle it call at a usually non-zero sum game to seek out an answer to something. These are described by some as “the coolest idea in machine learning within the last twenty years”

Applications for this technology include generating artificial images, modeling things, improving computer games and lots of more.

What other examples of technological innovations are there?

Apart from the ten highlighted above, there are some other interesting technological innovations out there. These include, but are not limited to things like (credit to MIT) : –

– 3-D metal printing

– Artificial embryos

– Sensing cities (smart cities)

– AI for everyone

– Instant foreign language translation

– Zero-carbon natural gas

– Genetic fortune-telling

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