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Skullcandy: 15 best skullcandy earbuds in 2020

93 / 100

Born out of the need of the active lifestyle of their creator, avid skater Rick Alden in 2003, Skullcandy brand headphones have tons to supply and today we are getting to take a better look as we review the 15 best Skullcandy earbuds in 2020. bluetooth earbuds, wireless earbuds.

In little over a decade the corporate has risen to iconic popularity, becoming what’s referred to as a brand producing a number of the foremost trendy and affordable earbuds on the present market.

What started as a light-bulb moment when he hurriedly pulled out his earbud to answer his mobile soon became successful , and other companies were quick to imitate . The brand built slowly over time to develop what are a number of the foremost wanted earbud sets within the industry.

  Skullcandy Earbuds Below

1.skullcandy method in-ear sweat

We are kick-starting our reviews with Skullcandy Method model which are a two-way, inside ear sports model available in two distinct colors. they’re well constructed from thoughtfully designed, comfortable, non-slip materials, which not only keep them secure in situ but also are watertight rendering them completely sweat free.

The more sensitive electrical components are sealed with wielding to stay them protected and that they stay in prime listening position because of their StickyGel and their ergonomic contoured tips. they’re a perfect choice for those on the move.

Their proprietary tips also feature their DualLock fit, this ensures they stay in situ no matter how rigorously they shake around. they’re also donned with Supreme Sound Tech for powerful bass, clear vocals, and highs that are accurate and crisp. Together these advanced design implements enhance their overall performance.


       + Ergonomic fit within the ear.
       + Waterproof measures in place.
       + Premium audio, premium parts.

Why did we like it?

They are a fab set to start out our article with, which give many of the assets that encompass what the Skullcandy brand is basically all about. The Superior sound tech makes their circuitry and skills a touch more advanced than similarly priced earbuds on the market, and therefore the incontrovertible fact that they’re welded and sweat-proof makes them an excellent go-to set for anyone sporty.

2. Jib In-Ear Noise-Isolating Earbuds

Another affordable set from Skullcandy noise-canceling series are an incredible wired two-way class Jib model. They feature a typical 3.5mm jack, making them compatible with the bulk of devices and entertainment systems.

They are one among Skullcandy more compact products and are built with functionality as their foremost quality. They incorporate the brand’s classic style and fit comfortably within the auditory meatus .

They provide superior quality audio, the dedicated driver array is powered by a zero distortion circuit that utilizes gold for a better fidelity signal. They isolate audio inputs from any interference and have an honest quality, easy to use the integrated mic for voice calls.


        + Larger drivers for better bass.
        + Comfortable fit.
        + Simple functionality.

Why did we like it?

They give our audience a good idea of the quality their lower end models can capably provide, the driver arrays outperform most of their competition.

3. Skullcandy Ink’d 2 Earbud

The Ink’d 2 model may be a wonderfully upgraded model of Skullcandys Ink’d original. They feature a slim fit design and are available with two different sized tips to pick from to make sure users have a choice of fit. they’re formed from an equivalent silicone gel utilized in their other more premium products.

They come in classic black and supply a coffee priced sound solution, which is simplistic in design but harbors an awesome array within and handles a good range of frequencies flawlessly. This delivers a full-range sound, which is well-rounded because of the crossover circuitry filtering.

The components are great quality and sturdy put together, the electronics are well-engineered and therefore the slim-fit tips are formed from high-grade materials.


      + Premium ear bud tips which stay put.
      + Great audio.
      + Tangle-free wires.

Why did we like it?

 They have premium tips which provide a comfier fit and keeps them in place and are genuinely one of the best bare-bones budget options around, the Ink’d series and its other iterations really put Skullcandys products on the map.

4. Skullcandy Ink’d 2.0 Wired Earbud

Next we’ve the intensify from the last pair reviewed. The Ink’d 2.0 model is in essence an equivalent as far because the build quality and driver capabilities are concerned. The re-design is especially to the circuitry, which has been engineered to include high quality microphone, which is controlled by the miniature in-line remote.

This model also boasts their highly effective noise-cancellation technology, which works seamlessly hand-in-hand with their input isolation processing to stay audio and features in, and out pristine whilst you’re in calls. They once more feature the tangle-reducing flat cables to stay used hassle free.

They are only marginally higher in price than the entry-level version, so you get great value for money in terms of their additional capabilities.


Great step-up from previous gen.
+ Sophisticated isolation processing.
+ Integrated microphone.

Why did we like it?

They deliver full range stereo sound with a powerful low end and are one of Skullcandys lowest priced microphone models with advanced isolation capabilities.

5. Ink’d Bluetooth wireless earbuds

We are sticking with Skullcandys esteemed Ink’d series for a glance at one among their wire-free editions. they are available flat-wired to a cushty lightweight neck collar, formed from flexible non-slip materials. The earbuds are ergonomically snug and incredibly low profiled, ensuring they stay within the ear securely directing audio where it’s needed. They also accompany a replacement set of silicon tips included within the price.

They are once more bestowed with Skullcandy Supreme Sound Tech and advanced signal isolating capabilities. they’re competitively priced, comparative with other bluetooth earbuds models. they supply a secure reference to pairing at a maximum distance of 30 feet. they need an eight-hour battery life, which fully recharges in two and a half.

bluetooth earbuds


+ Superb sound.
+ Ergonomic fit.
+ Premium tips.
+ Bluetooth and NFC connectivity.
+ Voice command.

Why did we like it?

6. Skullcandy Superior Sound Merge

If you’ve got no need for bluetooth earbuds or NFC and like something ‘no-frills’ nature, then we recommend the Skullcandy Superior Sound Merge model. it’s very aptly named as long as it had been one among their earliest models to feature both their Superior Sound processing technology and integrated microphone, merging two of their crowning capabilities together.

Along with the Superior Sound, they also enjoy Skullcandy proprietary Mic1 wave isolation, which very effectively hones in on direct inputs and filters any signals, not within close proximity.

They have a pleasant low price-tag due to their basic functionality but the audio quality is way from cheap. The array works with a rapid response and produces a sensible 2-way class balance because of the wave-guides the S.S processing has been engineered with


No frills model.
+ Superior Sound tech.
+ Integrated mic with inline controls.
+ Budget option.

Why did we like it?

They are a maiden model that reset the bar as far as basic ear-buds go and their impressive audio processing and Mic1 tech really kick-started the brands rise to notoriety, as well as inspiring the majority of their premium series lines.

7. Skullcandy Strum Maximum

Another of Skullcandys ear-buds which are worth an honest check out is that the Maximum from their Strum series. they’re designed to supply ultimate levels of in-ear comfort and that they were created utilizing 3 proprietary innovations that employment ergonomically in conjunction with each other .

Their traditional tips were redesigned to include their popular DualLock fit, but the materials used were then tweaked a touch further, this not only secures them in situ but means the ideas form to the individual.

Their unique form provides a seal to stay them within the ear-canal no matter the quantity of motion they need to endure, but the seal is flexible enough to stay instantaneous sound pressure levels safe and be as comfortable as possible.


+ Three times as ergonomic as a traditional bud.
+ Premium tips with a unique form.
+ Richer dynamics thanks to the Supreme Sound technology on-board.
+ Tangle proof cables with a generous length.

Why did we like it?

Earbuds aren’t typically know for their comfortableness, but this set have clearly been designed with users in mind. 

8. Smokin’ Buds

The Smokin’ models are a touch more focused on style, but without compromising over the standard of the sound the set provides.

They come during a range of cool color combos, and although each is eye-catching, we particularly just like the orange set which features a metallic oil-stain quality with many other reminder color catching the sunshine in motion.

Asides from their awesome aesthetics, they provide up an equivalent enhanced audio that buyers have come to accompany the brand.

They are bestowed with their Supreme Sound technology, which processes the electrical signals and successfully delegates the load to the mixture of drivers supported a fanatical and thoroughly developed wave signal program, which the circuitry is programmed to acknowledge . The drivers are very responsive and this provides a seamless blend within the bass/mid/treble mix.


Compact comfy tips.
+ Enhanced audio.
+ Durable flattened wires.
+ Aesthetic appeal.

Why did we like it?

They encompass many merit-worthy qualities, and come in a variety of cool colors, embodying the more fashion conscious elements of the Skullcandy brands mission statement.

9. Skullcandy Method bluetooth earbuds

We started our selection with Skullcandys bar-setting Method model and here before we finish todays reviews with a top TripleLock set we are getting to quickly highlight the wireless version.

The Method bluetooth earbuds set, provide a really stable receiver for wireless earbuds transmission which pairs with little effort to a good range of recognized devices. It can connect from 30 feet away and provides athletically inclined users the liberty to maneuver unimpeded by cords, with devices placed suitably out of the way of activity spaces.

They are completely sweat-proof, like their wired counterparts, and every one electrical components are welded safely from the consequences of any outside elements. This makes them a superior choice for a troublesome workout.

As a workout headphone set, they enjoy an equivalent StickyGel tips that are designed to be ergonomically comfortable also as practical, keeping them TripleLocked in situ with impact resistance that helps them maintain their position countering the user’s motion.


Premium tips.
+ Great sound.
+ Sports model.
+ Wireless bluetooth earbuds.
+ Great mic.

Why did we like it?

They are an awesome wireless earbuds option which are very well designed for active users.

10. XTplyo In-Ear Sport

The XTplyo are Skullcandys second generation, in-ear sports model, which feature a design concept that trumps their acclaimed DualLock fit with a TripleLock fit that gives a 3rd design implementation to supply a fool-proof solution for those with high octane sports regimes.

They are exceptionally engineered and have premium ear-tips whose, size, shape, profile, and grip provide one among the foremost secure in-ear choices possible. The slim-line premium StickyGel tips are bolstered by an ergonomic bar which sits comfortably within the auricle of your ear (outside of the auditory meatus itself). all feature smooth to-the-touch grips which are comfortable and formed from skin-friendly, moisture resistant materials, that render them non-slip and maintain the position of the earbud exceptionally well.

The resistant properties of the ideas make them a free from sweat model, and just like the sweat-proof pair we perused at the opening of our article, they too have their internal electronic components welded faraway from harm.


+ Comfort gel tips.
+ TripleLock fit.
+ Free reflective cord clip.
+ Integrated signal-isolation microphone.
+ Great audio.
+ Very stylish set.

Why did we like it?

 They offer a premium highly adept active design which as comfortable as it is practical and without a heavy investment. bluetooth earbuds.

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93 / 100

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