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Manage all of your calls and messages quickly, by filtering out telemarketers, robocalls, and other unwanted disturbances. With a community-based spam list updated by many users worldwide, Truecaller is that the only app you would like to form your communication safe and efficient. Truecaller app download.

*Truecaller doesn’t upload your phonebook to form it public or searchable*

** Truecaller is that the world’s best caller ID and spam blocking app – 500 million downloads worldwide **

Powerful Dialer & Caller ID:
– The world’s best caller ID will identify anyone calling you
– See who is looking even before they call
– Use Voice calling to speak to your friends on Truecaller for free of charge
– Call Recording – Record important phone calls and save them to your phone (not supported on Android Pie and above)
– Backup call history, contacts, messages and settings to Google Drive

Truecaller Apk Download

World Class Blocking & Spam Detection:
– Block calls and SMS – Identify and auto-block telemarketers, robocallers, scammers, fraud, sales, and more
– Community-based spam reporting in real-time
– Advanced blocking options for blocking countries, similar digit sequences, and more!

Smart Messaging:
– Automatically identify every unknown SMS.
– Automatically block spam and telemarketing SMS.
– Organize your SMS into Personal, Other, and Spam.
– Free Chat together with your friends and family in Group Chat.
– Use Flash messaging for urgent messages.

Truecaller App Download v11.22.7

Truecaller App Download From Apple Store

Truecaller Premium – Upgrade and obtain access to:
– No ads
– Know who viewed your profile
– Advanced blocking and filtering options
– the choice to view profiles privately
– Get the Premium badge on your profile
– 30 contact requests a month
– Record phone calls (not supported on Android Pie and above)

Truecaller Gold – Stand out from the crowd:
– Gold caller ID
– High priority support
– All Premium features

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What’s new?

Hello! We’ve made major improvements to spam call detection during this version. make certain to show on Truecaller Caller Identification from iPhone Settings > Phone > Caller Identification

Complete re-write for more reliable spam call detection

Previously searched numbers will get identified automatically next time onwards

Various bug fixes for spam call detection


It’s awesome I assumed it wasn’t getting to work but it immediately turned all those spam calls into red-lettered SPAM. I buy spam called all day long at college ONLY at college I’ve literally never got spam called reception but at college, i buy so embarrassed when my ringtone pops super loud within the middle of sophistication at some point it literally happened 3 TIMES I turn my ringer off but the things in my backpack shove my phone all around and just one occasion even ended up calling the cops on accident due to the side buttons. They literally were like “Can the person with the telephone number (blah) blah – blah come right down to the office IMMEDIATELY.” I used to be like 😱 but yeah my phone causes problems but this app can fix em so :3 truecaller app download.

truecaller app download truecaller apk download

Blocks spam, but not if they’re collection agencies!
I got this app, TrueCaller, and it only works a part of the time. Understanding there are constantly new numbers added to the spam list, I expect to update the app database daily. Not that big of a deal. the matter is, it clearly identifies a spam caller, but still allows some through. 

I even have found it blocks legitimate spam calls as I recently put my resume online and immediately began getting spam calls. I bought the new iPhone X 256GB but neglected to show the blocking options on in settings. Once that was done, no more spam calls… approximately I assumed.

The calls I used to be receiving, promising job opportunities, required me to check in for more school. Holding two bachelor’s and a master’s degrees, I politely told the primary few I had no interest in the class and explained my education level. If you refuse their persistence in signing up for college, they rudely say they can’t help.

Truecaller stopped these. However, while clearly marked in red a call is spam and you answer, you’ll find they let collection agency calls through. I’ve had my number for 10 years now and still get collection involves someone I don’t know! truecaller app download.

I haven’t found any better app out there, though, therefore the collection calls will need to manually be rejected. truecaller app download.

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truecaller App Download For: Caller id, block fraud & Spam call

Secure caller ID blocking for everything
The free TrueCaller for Android by True Caller Scandinavia AB is meant to stay all annoying scam and telemarketing calls off of your phone. It allows you to ascertain who is looking you thru caller ID which will enable you to understand the amount. Also, information about who is looking you from a crowdsourced directory upheld through their system. truecaller app download.

Stop the annoying calls
True Caller takes an easy SMS or calls verification, and it’ll be activated on your mobile. However, that’s just the start of what it’ll do for you. it’ll constantly be running on your phone, a sword and shield against your enemies.

The app does take tons of data at the download, which we’ll discuss later. However, what it also does, is includes your phone in its wide database gathered. As a result of this, it keeps you safe by instantly showing you the caller ID of who is looking for you from its vast system.

truecaller Apk v11.3.6 download

It does an efficient job through the wide connections it lays through the considerable nets to Facebook, Twitter, and other lines it makes. One important note is that the app also runs on IOS, Windows, and Blackberry, which makes it perfect for anyone who uses multiple phones.

What does True Caller do?
After you’ve got True Caller download on your mobile you’ll be ready to log in easily together with your Gmail, Facebook, or Microsoft account, which provides some good flexibility. the primary thing it does within the installation process is to urge your permission to upload your phonebook to its servers. This process is going to be discussed further in safety.

Once this has finished, the app will start categorizing your incoming calls and displaying the names and locations of the person, albeit it’s an unknown caller. This feature is said to their extensive crowdsourcing of contacts, enabling most incoming connections to be identified.

Through this, you’ll always know who is looking for you, especially within the case of spam. Also, the app will proceed to dam these calls if you select to permit it. you’ll prefer to receive notifications about them or not, counting on preferences.

It also blocks chain SMS that’s a drag also. Also, you’ll add any that you simply prefer to the blacklist maintained on your phone. you’ll also use this app to seem up other people’s numbers through the directory of the users. Therefore, you’ll rest assured that your phone is safe from spam.

The interface features are simple to use. When displaying the caller ID, it stays within the center of the screen below the amount and doesn’t interfere with the function of learning the decision so you’ll determine who is looking at you. It compiles all of your calls, messaging, and contacts into one. Also, once you friend your contacts through TrueCaller, you’ll be ready to text them through the app.

Is TrueCaller safe?
Despite all the knowledge it collects, which can be discussed below, TrueCaller guarantees your safety within the app with 250 million users who trust them with their information. There are some advertisements, but they’re unobtrusive and perfectly safe to access.

The app doesn’t modify anything together with your phone beyond what you’ve got given it access to. it’ll not invite or use anything that you simply don’t give theretoyou’ll be ready to say no to the app if you would like to preserve the integrity of your information in specific situations like connecting to Facebook.

Privacy concerns of truecaller app download

The main concern with this program is that the amount of data that it’s gathered. The actual fact that you simply can search any telephone number and determine who it belongs to through its directory means it’s access to tons of data. Another thing that sometimes happens is TrueCaller displays information on the Contact ID that didn’t come from the person. truecaller app download.

Pictures or nicknames given to people by a user might find yourself being displayed by the program. you’ll search for someone by name and find them within the lists. Another thing when adding to your directory, it doesn’t just undergo your base contacts but also through all the contacts from apps like Whatsapp or Viber that retain a database.

Most likely, TrueCaller has your number already; however, you’ll enlist your number from their system using the Unlist my Number feature available on their website blocking the data to be employed by them. However, if you don’t mind this examplethere’s no other reason to not use it.

Alternatives to TrueCaller Free
There is a TrueCaller Gold and Premium edition. The second is that the most practical because it gives you the power to record all of your calls, display a special badge on your caller ID, and see anyone who viewed your profile through the app. The Gold only gives higher priority when contacting support and a gold ID. truecaller app download v11.6.7

Hiya may be a tad different because it’s no ads albeit it’s free. The one disadvantage that comes into play is that the service is often slow when loading the Caller ID; however, both have simple user interfaces. The last item is it doesn’t have as wide of a database as TrueCaller has.

Nomorobo is that the other alternative, however, it’s fallen much shorter. For the primary few months, it works well, but after a while, it begins to possess severe bugs. Also, it doesn’t provide as smooth an interface because of the other options. Nomorobo does have an IOS version.

Efficient and clean spam protection

Overall this application offers tons of utility for a free program. Despite the invasive nature, which has become extremely common for apps during this time, it does a superb job of protecting you from annoying messages and calls. truecaller app download.

Without a system to process unsolicited messages, your inbox becomes a tract for fraudulent scams trying to catch you together with your guard down. Keep the danger right down to a minimum by having an anti-spam app like Truecaller on your phone. Life is just too short to require spam calls.

Stop unwanted calls today
It’s a versatile app which will do quite just manage your messages
Mindlessly ticked the Terms of Use box without even reading it causes you to in danger for spam. tons of free apps out there harvest data just to sell them to marketers. The telemarketers who reach bent us make managing our inbox a couple more often than not. a number of us fall for scams or simply waste time deleting them.

Stay smart
If you see suspected spam calls from suspicious numbers, this app will allow you to block calls and texts from unwanted numbers. It’s an honest thanks to undoing the error of oversharing our personal information.

truecaller app download

Truecaller may be a versatile app you’ll use to copy your contacts alsoit’ll automatically save history, contact information, and more to your Google Drive. When the time comes for you to revive your contacts, simply grant the app access to the storage.

Centralized communication
This free dialer replacement app offers a talk feature so you’ll make calls and send messages during a single app. Paired with this instant messaging platform is an anti-fake news feature. you’ll report spam messages containing disinformation.

The app also brings excellent news to people using dual SIMs. Switching to at least one network to a different is completed through one command. Information coming from both SIM cards is organized within the app’s interface.

Premium perks
Removing ads and gaining access to additional features is completed by getting a subscription to their premium plan. Such features include the Who Viewed My Profile tab which allows you to ascertain people that have taken a peek in your contact information. you’ll also start recording your calls consensually to stop fraud.

Where are you able to run this program?
The app is supported by iOS and Android devices. Install this Sweden-based app and secure keep your devices far away from scams.

Is there a far better alternative?
Another free anti-spam you’ll use even without an online connection is Showcaller. it’s also freed from ads and allows you to record calls. you’ll also report spam also as familiarize yourself with an inventory of scams on their website.

Our take
You’re getting such a lot quite just an anti-spam service with this caller ID app. Even their free service works well even on its own. The annual subscription fee of $17.99 is going to be worth spending.

Should you download it?
Totally. mount the Truecaller train alongside its 130 million daily users. There also are hidden Truecaller features that are waiting to be discovered.

Truecaller official Website

85 / 100

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