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Vaporwave Wallpapers ( Vaporwave Backgrounds )

Vaporwave wallpapers app is that the only place which you’ll find the most important collection with top quality of vaporwave wallpapers , we specialise in collect many beauties and high-quality HD wallpapers, every image has been handpicked by our team so only the simplest vaporwave wallpapers make the app.and also you’ll hear the vaporwave music while you navigate between categories , vaporwave wallpaper app is that the only app which is included inside it online radio (Nightwave Plaza radio station) works 24h/7d with aesthetic and vaporwave music which is playing in background so you’ll use the app as a radio if you would like , we don’t forget the Aesthetic text with it you’ll convert your simple text to aesthetic text like this one : Dreams.
With Beautiful design inspired by old computer OS, you’ll not feel bored once you navigate between wallpapers

Categories :

Vaporwave: The vaporwave category contains a variety of high-quality wallpapers such a nostalgia and statues roman wallpapers, you’ll navigate between quite 500 renewable wallpapers daily.
Retrowave: Retrowave, Synthwave, Outrun, and Hotline Miami of these sorts of vaporwave you’ll find their wallpapers with high-quality inside this category during which the Retrowave category contains quite 300 wallpapers updated daily.
Aesthetic: Anything beautiful you think that about it’ll find it during this category such a nature pink wallpapers and style art abstract, glitch, and any pink and purple wallpapers, also statues roman, you’ll love it needless to say.
Gamewave: Gamewave category contains the most important collection of PS1, and Gameboy wallpapers with aesthetic character, old play consoles you’ll find their wallpapers in Gamewave category.
Anime: Old anime like Sailor Moon and Evangelion and everyone other old anime you’ll find their wallpapers during this category, anime wallpapers category contains quite 400 HD anime wallpapers
Pixelwave: Pixelwave may be a new category in our app contains an enormous collection of pixel art created by knowledgeable artist like 8bits-Stories and other artists.

Asian Girls: from japan, Korean, and other Asian countries you’ll find beautiful girls with the aesthetic character it’s so KAWAII (^-^)
GIFs: quite 80 GIFs with different aesthetic and vaporwave character, navigate between them and choose you vaporwave gifs you would like
Quotes: Of sad quotes and happy you’ll find a variety of quotes and inspirational wallpapers, more than 100 HD quotes wallpapers updated daily for you.
Windows Section: all windows wallpapers with aesthetic and vaporwave character you’ll find it during this category
Your Art: we’ve created a category for you named Your Art you’ll share your artwork with other peoples who love the vaporwave style too, by sending your artwork via mail we’ll review it and share it as soon as possible.

Others Categories
Aesthetic Text: you’ll write any text you would like and convert it into aesthetic text like this: Dreams.
Plaza Radio: The vaporwave wallpapers app includes inside it online radio Nightwave Plaza by ( ), The Nightwave Plaza may be a place to indulge yourself with the highest aesthetic musical talents of the Vaporwave genre.

Features :
– the most important collection with the top quality of vaporwave wallpapers.
– Beautiful design inspired by old capture OS.
– Guaranteed relaxation (With online vaporwave radio).
– quite 10 categories of vaporwave wallpapers select any one you would like.
– you’ll Download any vaporwave wallpapers you would like.
– Share any vaporwave wallpapers together with your friends on all social media.
– Set any vaporwave wallpapers you would like as a Home screen or Lock screen.
– Save any Gifs you would like to your device.
– Share any Gifs you would like together with your friends on all social media applications.
– Convert your text to aesthetic text easily and quickly
– With online radio, you’ll hear the vaporwave genre music 24h/7d

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