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Video is that the new big thing, and there’s little question thatregardless of it’s TikTok or Youtube. The marketplace for video streaming apps and platforms are huge. However, as a standard user, what we seek is entertainment, and during this thing, apps like VidMate plays a crucial role. therefore the question is what’s Vidmate? Well, it’s an easy app made for Mobile devices. With the assistance of this app, you’ll find a bunch of things that are getting to keep you entertained. The app doesn’t just allow us to stream videos. But you’ll also download images, apps, music then on. However, to offer you a far better idea, let me mention the app, in brief, So I can make things clear. vidmate apk download.

What is Vidmate Apk?

What is Vidmate APK?
In simple words, Vidmate may be a client for downloading and playing videos and music. also because it is one of the simplest alternatives to Google Play Store. On the app, you’ll find apps that aren’t even available on Google Play Store. However, the app is especially used for downloading videos from YouTube and other social media platforms.

Vidmate was developed by UCWeb, which may be a part of the Alibaba Group, a Chinese company. The app has about quite 600 many users from 100 plus countries. you’ll download the app freed from cost. Plus, you’ll use it for free of charge.

Even, it’s the foremost versatile app that you simply will determine there. What this app has done is that it made entertainment resources available under one app. also because it killed the necessity for downloading multiple apps and using them. regardless of if you would like to download videos, music, or maybe apps. This app will do the work for you. It also allows you to download quite 4 media contents directly, making your download experience even better.

Sadly, the app isn’t available on the Google Play Store thanks to its incompatibility with Google Play Store’s possibilities. But luckily, you’ll download the app from this page only.

However, to form you understand in a better way, let me just mention the app. This way, you’ll get a transparent idea of what Vidmate is all about.

Why vidmate apk download?

Vidmate is one of the simplest video downloader applications available out there. the appliance is out there for Mobile and desktop devices. also because the app has quite a lot of features. the simplest a part of the app is that the availability of content. The app offers you quite a lot of content within the sort of videos, images, and other media formats.

As well because the app is compatible with popular video-sharing platforms, which include YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, et al. As a result, if you would like to download videos from these sites, there’s no need for you to put in the other application for the work. Instead, the app will only assist you out.

The problem with YouTube and other video platforms, that you simply can stream videos. But you can’t download them and share those files with others. But this problem is solved by the Vidmate. Unlike other websites, it offers you a download feature. So you can’t only stream your favorite videos. But you’ll watch them offline too.

In other words, you’ll say that Vidmate may be a simple app that permits you to download videos from other websites. And allows you to save the videos on your device. also as you recognize the very fact that there aren’t too many apps is available, which offers you an excellent result while downloading videos from sites like YouTube or others. This app surely solves the difficulty for you.

Plus, the app has clothed to be the foremost popular app to gather videos and music from the web and use them for private use. Vidmate is additionally backed quite a lot of features that come handy and allows you to manage your downloads pretty easily.

First of all, the tool allows you to settle on the video format, so you’ll download a video consistent with your preferred resolution or format. for instance, YouTube stores a video into multiple formats, and once you attempt to download a video from YouTube. Vidmate will fetch all the small print and list your several download options.

And it’s your job to pick the well-liked video format consistent with your screen size. Even it allows you to download videos on your device pretty easily. for instance you’ll look for a video directly from the app and download it instantly. What’s more? The app supports quite 20 websites that include Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, DailyMotion, Vine, Tumblr, et al. also as there are a bunch of other things that you simply can do with the assistance of this app.

However, to form you understand things during a better way, let me just sum up my points over here:

  • Trendy Videos: one of the foremost interesting parts of the app is that it offers you trendy videos. The videos are viral and entertaining. also as on the app, you’ll find full songs of Hindi and South Indian music then on.
  • Video Section:  The app features a large video section. you’ll find videos from most of the available categories. It makes your job of watching whichever video you’d wish to watch is straightforward. Plus, you’ll download those videos and share them on other social media platforms.
  • Download Videos:  Even aside from the large vidmate library, you would possibly want to download videos from other social media websites. And yes, it’s also possible with this app. you’ll easily download videos from websites like Vine, Instagram, Facebook, Daily Motion, YouTube, et al.

Features of Vidmate apk

Till now, you’ve got got a thought about what Vidmate is and the way useful it’s. However, to form you understand what else you’ll do with this applet I just mention the highest features of the app. So here we go:

Higher Resolution Supported:

One of the simplest features of the app is that it offers you a better resolution. As a result, you’ll be ready to download videos in HD quality. As most folks have smartphones with an HD screen, hence nobody wants to observe videos in inferiority. Instead, they like the simplest quality always. also because it is usually fun to observe HD videos.

Even there are quite a lot of individuals out there who prefer their desktop or computers to observe videos. As these devices have an outsized screen. Hence watching videos in 480p won’t offer you an excellent experience. Instead, you’ll need better quality to sport things pretty easily and obtain an entirely new different altogether.

And this is often where the Vidmate can assist you out. It allows you to download videos in HD quality. albeit you are doing not want HD, you’ll download videos in your preferred method. because it offers you a bunch of download options.

Faster downloading speed:

The app offers you a faster downloading speed. regardless of if you’re downloading a video from the app only. Or it’s from other video streaming platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, or others. you’ll get to ascertain a quick downloading speed. consistent with the developers, the app offers you 200% faster downloading speed, which is different from all the apps available out there. because of their advanced technology, which allows you to urge the utmost capability of your internet speed.

Watch Live TV in HD Quality:

Another cool feature that this app is offering you is the ability to observe Live TV in Hd quality. you’ll not just be ready to download your favorite videos in a faster way. But watch your favorite TV shows too. the simplest part is that the app includes quite 200 TV channels from different categories. a number of them include Movie, Music, Entertainment, Fashion, News, Sport, and lots of other forms of channels.

As well because the app can stream your favorite television program in HD quality. So you’ll have the simplest experience possible. So you better say bye to your TV. Because this app will allow you to observe your favorite content whenever you would like to.

Plus, it’s a free service. Unlike other options that ask you to urge a membership before you begin watching your favorite television programa bit like these, there are a bunch of other things that you simply can do with this app.

Resume the present download:

With the assistance of this app, you’ll be ready to restore the present download. this is often one among the foremost useful features that this app has. There are times when our download fails, or all you’d wish to do is download videos into different parts. Then this feature is sort of useful.

You can pause your downloads whenever you would like to. In most cases, you’ve got to start out the method everywhere again, which is time-consuming. But with this feature, you’ll easily be ready to tackle the difficulty.

Music Download:

The app also will assist you with music download. You already know that downloading music from the web may be a tough job. because it is the world of streaming platforms. But luckily, with the assistance of this app, you’ll be ready to download music pretty easily. The app allows you to download a vast number of songs, including national and international music. Also, downloading songs is sort of easy. Simply type down the name of the song, and you’ll find all the search results associated with the subject. Then choose a download option, and you’re all done.

App Download:

There are quite a lot of apps available out there that don’t make their thanks to Google Play Store. Google Play Store has strong policies. But as a user, we would like to download different apps, and once we cannot find it on the Google Play Store. it’s always a frustrating thing. Hence, we’ve to believe third party websites.

However, with Vidmate, you’ll not need to worry about an equivalent thing again. The app allows you to download your favorite apps pretty easily. The app has all the apps available on the Google Play Store. alongside quite lot of apps that you are doing not even get to ascertain on the Google Play Store.

User Interface:

Not all folks are tech-savvy. a number of us find it difficult while handling apps. However, regardless of if you’re a noob or a professionalyou’d end up in peace as you begin using Vidmate. it’s an awesome user experience that helps you to urge started. you’ll find all the choices on the house page only. also as all the features are easy to access. So you’ll not go lost while using the app. additionally theretoyou’ll get an excellent user experience out of the box.

Free Of Cost:

Also, the simplest part of the app is that it’s liberal to use. On one side, where Youtube is popping slowly into a premium service by launching its YouTube Premium. it’s quite hard for us to download videos. However, the great part is that this app remains available freed from cost. and that we can use all the features without paying one 

Constant Stream of Updates:

One of the last things that I might wish to mention that Vidmate APK is getting continuous updates. Since the time the app has launched, it’s got tons of features. and therefore the other apps within the same category quite did not offer equivalent features as Vidmate. And it’s believed that there are quite a lot of features that this app goes to urge within the upcoming future. Even the app kills the necessity of using quite a lot of apps directly. So you better plow ahead and check out out the app for once.


Extremely easy to use.
Comes with a bunch of useful features.
You can download multiple files directly.
It offers you a quick downloading speed.
It works with slow internet service.
Free to use.


You have to affect ads.
You cannot edit videos directly from the app.
How To Download and Install?
Now the question is the way to download video across your devices? Well if you’ve got an equivalent question in your head. Then let me just mention the download and installation process for all the devices one by one.

To download the app, simply click on the below download button and your download will start in only a couple of seconds.

Now that you simply are done enabling the feature, the subsequent thing that you simply got to do is enable the “Allow installation of apps from unknown devices” option. This feature will allow you to put in apps from third-party websites. also because it is required to put in apps aside from Google Play Store.

So the question is, how does one enable it? Well, for this, you’ll plow ahead and follow these steps, and you’re all done:

  • First of all, attend settings.
  • Then attend the extra settings option.
  • Now select the privacy menu.
  • Over here you’ll find the “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources” option.

Once you’re done enabling the featureyou’re ready to start out installing the app on your devices. So plow ahead and follow these steps:

Download Vidmate Apk old version

How to install Vidmate apk for Android?

Step 1: First of all, download the Vidmate APK from the above download link.

Step 2: Then tap on the apk file to start out the download.

Step 3: then , click on the install button and await a couple of seconds.

Step 4: Once the installation is over, you’ll find an open button. Tap thereon to launch the appliance , and you’re all done.

How to Install on PC?

Whenever it involves downloading Vidmate App for PC. The steps aren’t as straightforward as Android. and therefore the reason behind this is often because there’s no desktop client available for Vidmate. Hence, you’ve got to put in the Android app on your PC only.

But the thing is that you simply cannot really install any Android app on a PC directly. As both of them features a different software architecture. However, what you’ll do is use an Android emulator for the work. An android emulator is a kind of application that allows you to run Android apps on your computer.

And for this job, you’ll try Bluestacks. it’s one of the simplest Android emulator available out there which is liberal to download. Plus, it’s extremely easy to use. So let’s just plow ahead and mention the steps that you simply need to follow:

Step 1: First of all, download Bluestacks from

Step 2: Now double click on the exe file and install the appliance on your computer. confirm you’re connected to the webbecause it will download the installation files.

Step 3: Then launch the emulator and check-in together with your Google account.

Step 4: Download the apk from the above link.

Step 5: Drag and drop the apk file over the Bluestacks and await the app to urge installed. And you’re all done.

Note If you’re trying to find an in-depth guide the way to download Vidmate for PC click here.

How to Install on iOS?

Vidmate is an Android application, and it didn’t really move to other platforms yet. However, it’s said that the developers are performing on Vidmate’s iOS app. But as of now, there’s no availability. whilst Apple has strict restrictions on what quite apps can make to its App Store. Vidmate isn’t the one that goes to urge easy approval.

Plus, unlike Android, you’ll not be ready to sideload the app on your iOS devices. So yes, it’s impossible in anyways. Instead, I might advise you to remain patient and let the developers accompany an app.

How to Download Videos from Vidmate?
Now coming to at least one of the foremost interesting question which is the way to Download Videos from Vidmate?

The app features a large video library, and you obviously want to download them and share those videos together with your friends and family. However, to assist you with the download, let me just share a guide with you:

Step 1: First of all, launch Vidmate Download from your device.

Step 2: Now, over here, you’ll find different tabs, which include Featured, Movies, TvShow, Status, et al. So choose the category you’re curious about.

Step 3: Once you are doing so, you’ll find an extended list of obtainable videos. Simply view them and find the simplest one consistent with your choice. vidmate apk download.

Step 4: Once you’re done selecting a video, simply click on the small download button. and therefore the video is going to be added to your download page. you’ll head over to there and manage all of your downloads pretty easily.

How to download YouTube Videos using Vidmate App?

In case if you would like to use the app to download videos from Youtube. Then let me mention the steps that you simply need to follow. Downloading youtube videos using Vidmate is a particularly easy job. Just undergo these following steps, and you’ll be good to go:

Step 1: First of all, attend and appearance for the video you’d wish to download.

Step 2: Now copy the URL of the video.

Step 3: Launch the Vidmate app.

Step 4: up hereyou’ll find an inquiry bar. up here you’ve got to stick the link of the video.

Step 5: Then, it’ll take you to the YouTube page.

Step 6: up hereyou’ll find a red download button, tap on it.

Step 7: Now, it’ll offer you different download options. Simply select the resolution and quality, and you’re all done.

In the end, it’ll add the download to the download page. And from there you’ll be ready to manage your downloads.

How to Download Videos from sites like Facebook, Instagram, and others?

The steps are similar to downloading videos from YouTube. There are not any extra steps that you simply need to follow for other websites. Simply copy the video URL and paste it on the Vidmate app and you’ll find the download option.

How to download music using Vidmate APK?
If you would like to download songs from Vidmate, then you’ve got to travel through the following steps:

Step 1: First of all, launch the vidmate apk download.

Step 2: Then attend the search bar and sort down the song name that you simply would really like to download. (You can download songs in any language, be it Hindi, English or the other language).

Step 3: From the search results, attend the Music tab.

Step 4: up here you’ll find an inventory of all the available songs. you’ll also hear the songs from this page. So you’ll make certain you’re downloading the song you’re looking ahead to. To download a song simply hit the download button and you’re good to go.

How to download apps using Vidmate?

Step 1: First of all, launch the app.

Step 2: attend the Apps tab which is found at the top.

Step 3: look for the app that you simply are trying to find.

Step 4: Simply hit the download button and you’re done.

Once the app is downloaded, it’ll automatically take you to the installation page. So you’ll not need to attend to the file manager and begin the installation process. vidmate apk download.

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Do I even have to root my Android phone to put in Vidmate?

There is absolutely no need for you to root your Android device to put in this app. The app requires no special access from your device. Hence, there’s no need for you to root your phone. albeit you’re a rooted user, you’ll be ready to use the app with no issues. vidmate apk download.

Is it safe to use Vidmate?

Yes, the app is 100% safe. The app doesn’t have any malware or Trojans in its code. So you’ll use the app without fear much. However, the app has access to your call data. So if you’re not curious about sharing those details with this app. Then you better avoid installing the app on your Android phone.

Can I select the standard while downloading a video?

It depends actually. Like if you’re downloading videos from the app only and not from any third party websites. Then you can’t really select the standard of the video. But the great part is that these video files are low in size. So it’ll not eat up your mobile data. vidmate apk download.

However, whenever you’re getting to download a video from websites like YouTube, Instagram, or others. you’ll be ready to select the video quality. As sites like YouTube store multiple formats of an equivalent video. Hence, it’s possible for the app to fetch those details and permit us to download videos in our preferred quality.

Can I download most of the videos and music using this app?

Yes, you can. because the app is backed by a sensible program tool. As a result, it can check out the web and fetch details for the video or music you’re looking ahead to download. confirm to type the right name of the video or song and you’ll be good to travel.

Can I download multiple videos at once?

Yes, you’ll download multiple videos directly. For this, you’ve got to travel to the settings and set the max download tasks feature. you’ll select video downloading tasks from 1 to 4. for instance, if you decide on 2, then it’ll only download two videos directly. And other downloads will remain on pause.

If you’re using mobile data or a slow internet connection, downloading one video at a time would be the simplest option. But if you’re using Wifi, you’ll select up to 4. However, it might are better if they had allowed us to download more files rather than only 4 directly. vidmate apk download.

How to update Vidmate?

There is no need for you to download apps and install them manually. The app comes with a built-in updater. From the settings, just click on the update option. And it’ll start trying to find updates. If there’s an updater available, the app will download it within the background and install it.

Can I favorite videos?

Yes, you’ll favorite your favorite videos or the other content pretty easily. Just hit the likes of the button located below each video. and therefore the video will get added to your liked videos page. To access the liked videos from the Me section, attend Liked videos, and you’re good to travel.


So that was all for the VidMate. In the end, I might wish to say that this is often the simplest app available out there for all of your entertainment needs. It’s fun to use the app and features a bunch of features. So plow ahead and check it out and see how it’s working for you. vidmate apk download. 7s

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