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Way2SMS Apk is a special app that gives users with details on all of the news stories and gossip that’s trending in India. additionally, to be available in English, the app provides stories in eight of the foremost popular Indian languages, which makes it ideal for Indian residents who want to form sure that they stay awake so far while they travel.

News at Your Fingertips.
one of the good things about Way2SMS is that the stories that are available cover a good range of various topics. While many of us are likely to require to use the app simply to catch abreast of the newest gossip about their favorite Indian celebrities, there also are stories covering politics, science, culture and far more, while setting a preference surely topics are often done easily in order that those stories appear first.

What is Way2sms Apk?

This is a news app that you simply can download to urge the newest Indian news. The app is out there in eight languages including Hindi and Bengali. While it doesn’t really give any English news, you’ll follow alongside a number of the newest developments in India and in countries that are on the brink of India. you’ll receive news within the English,

but there’s not tons of data that pertains to us. If there’s something major that happens in the world, then you will get those updates first. Most of the time, it’s just news from India which area of the planet. way2sms apk latest version.

a plus of the app is that you’re going to get news within seconds of the knowledge being released on news wires. there’s everything from sports to politics and entertainment that’s sent to your device in order that you’ll continue with the Indian world. way2sms apk download.

The editors involved the app will shorten the simplest stories and people that are the foremost important to 400 characters or less in order that you get a thought of what’s happening.  way2sms apk for android.

there’s usually a link or information on where you’ll read a full story with the message that’s sent. The app keeps everything short and to the purpose, preventing you from wasting some time during the day with news events that you simply don’t think are important.

Pros Numerous sorts of news stories Short and to the purpose Offered in several languages Cons Little to try to to with us or other major countries Sometimes gives wrong news events PROGRAMS almost like WAY2SMS APK 7.3 Source: https://way2sms.jaleco.com/android

With over 1.3 billion users, India is that the second most populated country within the world, and shutting the gap with China within the first position. As you’ll imagine, with such a size, it generates an enormous amount of data that’s really hard to stay up with unless you download an app of the likes of Way2SMS – Way2News.

Way2Online is now Way2News
It’s all supported the previous Way2SMS that became Way2Online and later, Way2News.

Although its developers are precisely the same guys because of the web service to send SMS messages, what we’ll find here is an app to follow all the newest news resulting from different fields of data.

Available in several local languages also as English (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, and Bengal),

it offers us an easy reading experience allowing us to flick through the news as if we were reading a book, turning pages. These are its main features:

News from India and therefore the remainder of the planet split into different categories.
Push notifications and alerts.
Access to a neighborhood of viral videos.
Possibility to download news and skim them offline.
Share news with one click.
Download the APK of the previous Way2SMS, now Way2News, and do not miss out on any important news.

Requirements and extra information:
Minimum OS requirements: Android 4.1.

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FREE SMS is a FREE SMS Sending App. Users from INDIA or from anywhere within the world can Send UNLIMITED SMS to INDIAN MOBILES.
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Very easy to use right!

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It is a classic style Message app. Cool UI. it’s very simple to use; it’s a free version for many a part of the user, if you would like to vary and custom more setting options, you ought to by the professional version.


– Cool Classic style UI.
– Support latest KitKat android 4.4
– Support all emojis, send and receive emoji with a friend, only 1st page in the free version.
– Support custom your own font.
– Beautiful popup message dialog, support more pages popup dialog.
– Internal snapshot support.
– Manage all SMS messages conveniently.
– Group message support.
– Blink LED support.
– Support custom notification icon in the Pro version.
– Support custom bubble color Pro version.
– Custom ringtones in the Pro version.

Important Note:

Notification problem:

– if you cannot see a notification once you receive a new message, you’ll check: does one have installed the opposite third SMS app? you ought to uninstall the third SMS app first.

Emoji problem:

– Press the menu and choose “Insert Smile” Or press the attach button.
– Emoji message will block by network carrier when across network carriers, pls try to ask your friend to send emoji message to you by MMS type message, if your friend can’t see your emoji. pls, attempt to send an MMS emoji message. way2sms apk download.

Out order of message problem:

– If you do not get to see duplicate notifications, please attempt to enable “Setting – Receive settings – Block Sms Notification”, Maybe it’ll cause two duplicate messages on some devices.

– If your message is out of order, please attempt to select the “Block Sms Notification” option in settings.

Handcent Next SMS 8.0 has arrived with new messenger features & improvements.

The best replacement android text messaging app for your stock SMS text messenger app. the simplest messenger app with free text message & message stickers.

– Best SMS app with ultimate message customization
– Group or mass text to send a message to multiple recipients
– Free Cloud backup – never worry about long texts ever again
– Simple Texting from computer
– Guard to stay texts secure
– Love Stickers
– Android wear device support

Handcent isn’t only an SMS messenger & texting app pioneer but also a message customizer within the SMS messaging app. Have an excellent free texting & messaging experience is our top priority.

Messenger Customization

Change nice themes in our free and straightforward texting & messaging app. It’s the simplest message customizer with which you’ll personalize text messages (free MMS), message fonts, stickers, colors, ringtones, LED colors, vibration patterns, etc. The theme store within the messenger offers additional themes for you to settle on from. way2sms apk.

Handcent Anywhere – best private texting on computer and tablet.

With the Handcent Anywhere messenger you’ll be ready to send text messages from your PC, Mac, or Tablet without touching your Android phone SMS texting app. specializes in the pc screen without missing a text message.
Go to aw.handcent.com and begin chatting & messaging.

MMS plus

Share multimedia messages together with your friends. MMS plus can act as a multimedia android text messaging downloader, save multimedia files on our private cloud server.

Pop up text

Quick reply text messages within a crop up window.
Handcent Next SMS text messenger app has New Look.

Private Messenger Box

A totally encrypted text message box which will only be opened by your unique passcode. Best thanks for protecting you while messaging & texting.

SMS Backup

Never worry about losing your texts or messages with our backup service. Restore all of your private messages (SMS / MMS) and settings once you switch to a replacement phone or reset your phone.

Wear OS support

Receive and reply messages on all of your Android-based smartwatches, alongside the features like voice to text, etc.


You can search text messages by time, message type and etc.

SMS Blocker/Blacklisting

Block all unwanted or spam SMS & MMS messages in our private android text messaging app.

Scheduled Task

Free schedule texts & messages to be sent at a given time.


Have more fun within the best customizable texting app. you’ll love animated emojis that also suits the most recent emoji standard during an SMS messenger! way2sms apk download.


Now integrated with Giphy. you’ll send messages with stickers by using quick search. Handcent is the best SMS messenger with stickers.

Sticky on top

Handcent Next SMS messenger pins your private contacts on top supported your SMS & MMS needs.

Underneath there’s plenty of messages improvements.
Group Messaging Chat: Create a gaggle with friends/contacts, all contacts will receive the message while texting. Send mass text messages with stickers to all or any members of the group. you’ll love the straightforward group and mass SMS & MMS messaging.

Other free features: Bulk Mass SMS & MMS, text snippets and etc.

For those of you who love Handcent and wish help, please contact us at help@handcent.com

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Staying Up so far
People who are trying to find a simple thanks to continuing with all of the newest Indian news and gossip are bound to love using Way2SMS. With regular news updates and highlights sent via notifications users are often sure that they’re going to be among the primary to receive the news, although the massive number of crop up ads are often rather frustrating. way2sms apk download.

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